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Akmal Tobgy – Holistic Spa Design

Akmal Tobgy
If there is no way, I’ll make one

Akmal Tobgy, Holistic Medical Spa Designer & Consultant

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Founder of Zen Group Co. Ltd.

Holistic Medical Spa Design, Consulting & Management Company Based in Thailand

  • Developing Turn Key Holistic Spas consisting of any of the following areas:
    • Health maintenance
    • Stress management
    • Weight management
    • Beauty & pampering
  • Spa Equipment Supply Company: researching the globe for the latest and most effective technologies for Health Maintenance & Anti-aging

International Spa development projects:

  • Developed the Bioenergetics Center in Tao garden Health Resort & Spa Chiangmai, Thailand and directed the center for 5 years.
  • Bioenergetic Consultant & Trainer for Chiva Som, Hua Hin, Thailand. Developed protocols using Bioenergetics to assess client’s functional state of health and trained nursing staff on use of technology
  • International Projects Director of The Bodhi and Holistic Medical Centers, Bangkok , Thailand , With projects in Malaysia and Egypt. Developing one of the largest Spa projects in Egypt in the Pyramids area with the Core system at its Core
  • Developer and Operator of 3 Five Star Hotel Spas in the Beach resort city in Sinai, Egypt

Bioenergetics Practice:

Practitioner of Bioenergetics. Working experience with Bioenergetics systems since 1997 started with EAV systems, Bio-Electrographic Visualization systems, Bio-resonance systems, Quantum Electro-dynamic Field Systems and finally the Inergetix-Core System.

Practiced internationally in the following countries: Romania, Turkey, Thailand, Switzerland, and Egypt.

  • Lectures on the science of Bioenergetics to Medical Doctors and health care professionals. Internationally
  • Conducts TV interviews and programs about Bioenergetics Internationally
  • Conducts workshops, seminars and retreats internationally about Stress Management and Health combining Bioenergetics & Taoist Healing Arts


Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada
  • Diploma in TCM , Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  • Certified Emotional Stress Integration facilitator
  • Certified Clinical Biofeedback Technician
  • Certified Universal Tao Instructor with over 20 years practice of Martial Arts, Chi Kung, Tai chi, and Taoist Inner alchemy practices with Master Mantak Chia Founder of the Universal Tao System


Mystical Practice:

  • Born from a lineage of Sufi Masters
    Akmal Tobgy
    Akmal Tobgy’s Grandfather – Sufi Master
  • Taoist Inner Alchemy Practices

Areas of current research:

  • Research & Development for a protocol on The Psycho-Spiritual effects on health using the Inergetix-Core System.

Other information:

Akmal Tobgy

Holistic Medical Spa Designer & Consultant

Location: Planet Earth
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