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Andrea Kennedy – Enlightened Psychology, CoRe Informational Medicine Therapy

BODHI MEDICINE: Cultivating and mastering the Relationship with Yourself with Enlightened Psychology and Inergetix-CoRe

“My practice is based on the knowledge that everything comes back to basic Relationship.  Learning to listen to and come into a loving relationship with your body, mind, and heart, and with all parts of you brings balance, vitality, health and connection.  The Inergetix-CoRe is a spiritual tool that facilitates an unbiased gathering of information in the content of the larger web of life while also generating energetic and informational level balancing.  This balancing helps to fast-track growth and healing.

In our sessions together we are exploring the areas for growth, learning and healing, through coming into Relationship.  In becoming a Master at the Art of Relationship, we experience a profound and palpable connection with the Light, and also with the Earth.  As we become fluent in more and more areas of the game of life, and most of all fluent in relationships with all the parts of ourselves, we begin to be peaceful leaders within ourselves, and also in the world.”

BODHI MEDICINE is located at

Second Wind Wellness Clinic

1320 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR

To schedule your first session, or if you would like more information, please contact Andrea at or call

(503) 737-5619.


Andrea Kennedy is one of the founding memebers of Adamantine International Inc. “pathways for Peace and Connection”.  She is also one of the first practitioners of Enlightened Psychology, developed by Eric Robert, world spiritual leader and CEO of Adamantine International Inc.  She is also a practitioner of Spring Forest Qi Gong and Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu, which she integrates into her work with clients and groups.

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