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Dr. James Weaver CCEP, DC (Quantum E Healing)

Hello, My name is Dr. James Weaver CCEP, DC..  I am a Doctor of Chiropractic from the USA ….and ran a highly successful practice in the United States…but decided to migrate to the Philippines….not only for the warm weather ……but also to a country that  supports the  practicing alternative medicine (PITAHC  Republic Act No. 8423). I love the USA but I wanted to following my calling to continue to advance research into Quantum/Informational medicine….and other alternatives. As a Doctor of Chiropractic …I have found this to be a perfect fit …looking at some of the Pioneers in this field like ( Dr. Ruth Down DC …ground breakingadvancements in Radionics) (Dr. William Bahan DC …who was a leader in attunement) (Dr. Richard Bartlett DC, ND…originator of “Matrix Energetics”) (Dr. Eric Pearl DC …originator of “The Reconnection”)

I currently practice Chiropractic  in Makati , Philippines and I continue my research into alternative methods in the balancing and alignment of people with cancer, Fibromyagia, chronic fatigue, Lymes , Diabetes, MS, really to many to list.(We work with people who have these ..we do not treat these conditions)   We balance the person …not the dis-ease.

In our practice…..we realize the Mind/Body/Spirit working together as one and not being separated….is the true key to Balance……and where Balance lives…..dis-ease cannot exist.

Quantum Physics, Informational medicine, Energy medicine,Biofeedback,  Homeopathy, Emotional release, NLP, EMDR, Rife Technologies, and Radionics are all incorporated into a Turn-Key System to help the person reach their goals.

Feel Free to contact us today through our website

“Let in so much Light……darkeness has no place to exist”

Dr. James Weaver CCEP, DC  (Bionetic Practitioner)

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