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How to become a healthy Bi-Polar

It is a training we get from early childhood that we should always be the same person for any given area of our life.

As a child, when we are at school, we should always be the attentive student. In a relationship we should always be the caring partner that has no interest in anyone else. As a mother we are expected to be the loving mother that puts all other interests second. At work we are expected at all times to leave other interests at home for the hours we are being paid.

We all know this that is an ideal that is possible only to the degree that the person is disciplined, well-conditioned and fearful of any consequences that would be the result of allowing other impulses to manifest.

From the very beginning we hide the comic book under the textbook – we hide the fact that we have an affair or at least browse the porn sites – we delete every day the browsing history of our work computer a.s.o.

This goes for a long time until the suppression or hiding of the unwanted pole is becoming so strong that it makes us not see it ourselves anymore. Then we have the situation of “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” when truly one does not know anymore what the other has been doing. Both have totally separate memories, value systems and behavior.

In every area of our lives there are at least 2 polarities that need to be attended, but usually only one is culturally favored and thus re-enforced whereas the other is neglected or even punished. These different polarities in different areas of our life make-up the different parts of our EGO

If you have a patient coming to you, it is generally the one that wants to heal. When you give him advice on what to do and what to avoid, he will agree, but when at home the other person takes control and does the opposite. If this has been going on for some time the patient will truly not know the other side anymore.

In order for this to change we need to see this mechanism in ourselves first – which is the development of compassion. We can do this easier if we understand that this is the very nature of existence which is expressed in all major spiritual symbols

This idea is not about balance but about the freedom and ability to live the different polarities ever more frequently in an alternating way without remorse and self-punishment.

In order for this to happen we have to “Know ourselves” to know the different sides. This is the work of “conscience” and it is the result of “self-knowledge”. This relation between knowledge – conscience is still expressed in many languages through their word similarity like in German: Wissen-Gewissen, Slovakien: Vedomie-Svedomie, Icelandic: veit-víst, Finish: tietää-tietyt, Danish: vide-visse.

Conscience is usually misunderstood as the faculty in a human that can see “right versus wrong” . And it is very much this misunderstanding in everyday life that reduces conscience. Because truly conscience is the degree to which one is able to see  the different sides or our being and labeling them as good versus bad is the best way to not see them anymore eventually.

Consciousness and Conscience are the two sides of us that make us whole; they are two sides of one thing. Conscience is like light of the sun that allows us see the different parts of ourselves while Consciousness is like the gravitation of the sun that keeps everything together. Of one is retarded the other will be limited to grow as well.

If we can explain the need to allow and except the different polarities of a person’s life to our client we might reach the person that wants to change but we will not touch the one that does not and so in the end not much will happen. We need a different method to accept and to live the understanding that to be Bi-polar is the most healthy and natural state and there is no need to  punish or block out one side.

With the CoRe system we can enter the “unwanted” polarity so to speak in a “Troyan horse” by using as a carrier wave the Eigen-frequency of the person. The person own (eigen) frequency is something that his immune system does not reject as it recognizes it as something of its own. We do this by modulating Eigen-Frequencies with information and/or polar (inverted) frequencies with the Bioresonance-LaesEr. In this way we can informationally and energetically stimulate a persons health like with hot and cold showers.

Reason for Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Manic depression, Mood swings and their cure

Here is what I know is the reason for Bi-Polar Disorder and its Cure (I consider Schizophrenia/ Labile/ Manic/ dissociative identity disorder/ split personality/ mood swings all the same phenomenon just of different intensity and extension)

  1. Most of you know that my first realization after my accident – was the understanding that any stagnation will eventually make you sick, be it physical, mental or spiritual or cause dramatic events in our life as the one I had gone through.  The ideal state of health is the Dynamic Labile Equilibrium DLE between the polarities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Reed the rest of Reason for Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Manic depression, Mood swings and their cure

The polarity principle – classical versus complex homeopathy

Polarity principle that provides a solution to many life-questions starting with the old dispute between classical versus complex homeopathy. Yin and Yang principle is one of misunderstood concepts in complementary medicine. Doubt and uncertainty is the emotional experience of DLE and nothing is more feared by our social program – the usual way out is either to be dogmatic or to be “open to all – the complex homeopathic approach to religion and spiritual life”.  Older systems like Alchemy, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine looked for the most simple but at the same time most complete system to create a system of archetypes. These systems understood that it needs at least 2,3,4,5 or more classes to create a complete system of classification – but not an infinite. Number.  The American virus teaches that we are all “individual” – we are “totally unique” – all archetypal systems that put you in a box are attempts to limit your freedom – ways to make you feel that are you not “completely unique”  – Because of this brainwash the USA culture is the most monotonous of all, “Millions and Millions served”.

The Health Navigator Team




The Health Navigator Team


This is my Thank you All to the Health Navigator team
that is a big part of our success - of a company that is very unique in its global character and its company philosophy. We are working from 3 different continents - joined only by the internet - without anyone checking on "subordinates" 
all based on trust and personal responsibility and here is what our customers experience from the way we are realizing informational principles at our company :

Hi Sonia, I have been watching your recorded session dated 20 Jan 2011 and I wanted  to convey to you that it was very interesting 
and very well presented.  The session was simple yet excellent and I gained a lot of inside on how to use the CoRe, 
especially as I am  a new user.   Amparo, UK

Dear Sonia,  Hello! Also hello to Ezio It’s so long since I have been in touch. I hope all is very well for you. CoRe continues to help make the most amazing changes in my life and also for others I work with.  Tomorrow I drive down to Melbourne to see Kiran and Debora. It’s a six hour drive, but I’m looking forward to the weekend seminar – I just love CoRe!  Thankyou and best wishes, Karyn, Australia

Sonia, Quiero hagradecerte tus atenciones me llegaron los discos ya que estoy muy contento con el servicio y tu equipo lo quiero acompletar tengo el
sistema life y lo voy a vender y asi te compro lo que me falta del sistema core ya pronto ya veraz te doy la sorpresa. mil gracias hoy
trate de hablarte por sky y no estabas conectada te hablo para darte las gracias personalmente y mil gracias nuevamente eres muy linda persona un abrazo, David, Mexico

Hi Sonia,   All working fine thanks.  Can I just say how very impressed I am with your customer service. It is a pleasure to work 
with someone like yourself and it was a major factor in deciding to upgrade.   Thanks for all your help.  Cheers  Robert

The online training is great and sometimes I will go back to “How-to Basics as I always learn something new. I must commend you and your staff for the help and support that you provide. I had purchase some other systems and have never heard from them once the money is in their hands. All of you are just great!! Much appreciation! Nina, USA

Dear Sonia, Just to say that I enjoyed your last training session, as always it was simple but effective. I like your approach very much and the explanation on why your chose a particular screen and a particular group is very interesting. I am learning a lot from the sessions.  You told us to write and tell you what we would like the training session to focus on. I am particularly interested in how to create new screens and new groups (customizing), I am a visual person and it is always easier for me to understand if I see it how it is done. Light and rainbows.  Amparo, UK.

Hi Sonia, Please pass on my gratitude for the wonderful enhancements of CoRe 5 in this current build.  Being able to use Office 2007 I estimate will reduce my tray building time by about 60%.  I have (as a test) imported in excess of 3000 columns wide in excel to one Group in CoRe 5.  Fantastic.   Many thanks to all,  Regards, Joan, USA

…. but I’m so grateful to all the team who has permitted me to work with the Core Inergetix because I never thought before to find a system permitting to go with my therapeutic work in the ways of God. So thank you very much at all the creators team and all the commercial and relationship team. The last version 5.00148 is wonderful!  Annonciade, France


Kiran Schmidt – my concept of health and disease




What does it mean to “Know Yourself” – for sure and foremost it means “To sense your Self”

and the lack of Sense-of-self is to me the main cause for disease


…. and what fuels my life to not run out of DLE and inspiration

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