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20th Oct 2010

I recently contracted a flu like virus similar to one which had confined my partner to bed for a number of days.  I lost my voice, had a very sore throat, joint stiffness and felt very ‘ordinary’.  Because I felt so unwell, I went to see Megan for a Inergetix CoRe treatment.  I left home, voiceless and about 5 minutes after completing the session with Megan, my voice returned and my sore throat disappeared.  It was quite extraordinary.  Within a few days of receiving the treatment, I had fully recovered.  Normally, it would take up to 3 weeks for me to recover from a virus such as this.

I have no hesitation in recommending Megan Flint as an Inergetix CoRe practitioner and am amazed by the effectiveness of Inergetix CoRe as a healing tool.

Kimlarn, Dooralong Valley, NSW


HALEIGH (written by Kerrie, Haleigh’s mother)central coast  2009


Always Tired

Always Feeling Sick

No Energy

Not Confident

Depression Type Symptoms.

Haleigh has had the above un-explained symptoms for over 2 years.  After many trips to the Doctors and a number of blood tests with no results or reasons, I was really starting to worry.

Megan suggested we try her “Informational balancing” for Haleigh as it had such a good result on our horse Rose, so I thought… What do we have to lose!  After the first treatment on the 17/10/09 I seen results almost immediately and then started to make daily notes on how Haleigh was feeling.

Relevant changes are listed below:


Haleigh seemed much more focused on tasks at hand (e.g. School Assignments)

Haleigh was still tired but seemed more energetic and happy within herself

Motivation started coming back

Haleigh is enthusiastic about going to school and doing daily activities

Attitude is very positive

Confidence is really coming through


 I see a noticeable change in Haleigh’s attitude, confidence and all round health

6 weeks on Haleigh remains happy and energetic, this has really helped her in so many different ways.

Kerrie Walker



 Gay Erskine      Aug 2011   Goomburra Qld

For the past year or so I have been getting stomach acidity, bowel pain& gastro discomfort. The doctors were unable to identify anything specific & tended to treat the symptoms when they occurred with acid prevention medication, antibiotics (if fever presented) or some other mode of easing the symptoms without identifying the underlying cause. Eventually however, the medical team diagnosed very advanced diverticular disease of the lower bowel. I opted for surgery, having been told that it is possible for this operation to be done as key-hole surgery. Two weeks ago, I went into hospital to have 12 inches of bowel removed , having been told by the surgeon that I would need to be in hospital for a week to 10 days as it was major surgery. I had the 4.5 hour operation on Monday, finishing by 7.30pm. On the Tuesday, I was given a remote Inergetix CoRe session by Megan. Four days later on the Friday I was allowed to go home.

1)      The hospital staff couldn’t believe how quickly I had healed.

2)      I had been in no pain, & very minimal discomfort. I had to refuse to take the painkillers the hospital staff were pressing on me, as I genuinely did not need anything to alleviate pain…..”Pain? What pain?”

3)      Normally with an operation of this sort, the bowel does not like to be handled or disturbed & the challenge is to get the peristalsis action to occur. For me, there did not appear to be a problem & I believe it was due to the Inergetix treatment.

4)      I am just starting my third week after the operation & the challenge is not to overdo things because I’m feeling so well….no tiredness, no dizziness & no discomfort.

I have also had long distance treatments for 3 of my horses on 3 separate occasions. One had cancer of the penis & was helped hugely with easing the pain & discomfort. Of the other two, one had a severe tendon tear & the other had a back and hip problem. In both these instances, the benefit was in easing the discomfort & helping in the healing process.

I strongly endorse this system of helping & healing the body to recover good health. It is non-invasive, distance does not seem to be a problem, & you can continue to do whatever you are doing while treatment is carried out….it is not time-demanding. I believe the first thing in the Hippocratic oath is..”Thou shalt first do no harm”. I believe that is the greatest benefit attaching to this Inergetix healing system. You cannot be harmed, but what benefits can accrue!


July 2010

I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 4 years.  The response to treatment using the InergetixCoRe programme has been very positive.  Whilst receiving this treatment, the severity of my symptoms diminished to be point where my doctor believed I was in ‘remission’, and recommended I maintain whatever regime I was following.  InergetixCoRe was also used to treat constipation, a condition I have had since childhood.  The response has been remarkable.  Over 50 years, I think I tried everything, apart from acupuncture and had resigned myself to a life of ‘laxative dependence’ until now.

Kimlarn Frecker, Dooralong NSW

 August  2011

Dear Megan…I wish to thank you so much for the wonderful experience that the treatment gave to me. It was not only very relaxing , but I could also really feel the energy generated on all levels of my being.

What I felt the next day was that all the negative, confusing thoughts had dissapeared, and I was in a very clear and contented space. It allowed me to make more healthy and nurturing choices about my Body and my directions etc. I have certainly progressed in my Life and feel very confident for the future.

With many thanks and Blessings   Judee Rose




Megan’s  Inergetix CoRe balancing have given me huge relief from a neck injury caused by a bad fall from a horse many years previously. This recurring problem would see me hardly able to move my head (and at times have to wear a whiplash collar) due to episodes of severe stabbing pain that could occur at any time and last for days. This also meant I restricted my movement all the time for fear of making it worse. Incredibly, during the treatment, I had an uncontrollable urge to stretch both my neck and back (something I never did as I was nervous of making it worse) and the relief I felt was totally amazing. Months on, my neck is much better (I have not had to miss any work due to pain),  I have much freer movement generally and am enjoying being able to stretch again.

Another issue Megan helped with was a very serious case of sciatica that went right down one leg – it was so bad at times that I was unable to stand still and nothing I did seemed to relieve the pain. After a couple of sessions with Megan the discomfort eased tremendously then slowly disappeared and I am very pleased to say that this problem has not returned since I had my sessions six months ago.

Finally, Megan’s treatments were also used, with great success, on a young horse I bought that was having some severe behavioural issues, which included aggression towards me.  Megan identified some underlying pain, which was treated, as well as a host of emotional issues that were addressed during the sessions . Following these Inergetix treatments, and an ongoing training program, I now have a much happier, relaxed and totally non-aggressive horse.

Having personally received great benefits from Inergetix CoRe balancing sessions I would not hesitate to recommend Megan to assist with health and emotional issues for both people and animals.   

Dawn Heath




I have a property in the Dooralong Valley, New South Wales,  with 12 horses, some geriatrics, some 2 year olds, and at least half rescued, some not wanted anymore, and some starving, but all very loved.

My young horse, Asali, pulled up sore one Monday morning in the near foreleg.  Couldn’t put his hoof to the ground – as we had had a huge amount of prolonged rain, abscess was the diagnosis.  I asked Megan to give him a “treatment” – mainly because the vet is very expensive and I was keen to see if the Inergetix CoRe system worked.

He received the session on Tuesday, amazingly that afternoon he was much calmer, and by Wednesday he was trotting around the paddock without a limp.  No poultices, bandages, anti-biotics, just one treatment.

Since then I don’t hesitate to use Megan’s treatments not just for the physical needs of my horses, but their emotional needs too.


Dooralong Valley, NSW


I’ve known Megan for the last 12 months with her assisting and teaching me the basic techniques of groundwork with some of my horses. One of my horses Sam, in particular, an OTT thoroughbred was causing me all sorts of grief. I obtained him 12 months ago and he was in big healthy OTT condition. Twelve months on, I expected him to lose some condition but now I had a skinny, lethargic, miserable, very unhealthy horse with a coat that was just falling out in clumps. I tried everything with him, huge amounts of money on supplements, high grade feed, separated him to give him one-on-one attention, rugs, hugs and everything in between. In desperation I had the equine vet pay a visit. She took bloods and ran some pathology and gave a steroid injection, but her summation was that Sam was simply a horse “failing to thrive”. More months of trying to get some condition back on him, I had Megan look at him, this day in particular he simply would not lift his head up off the halter.

So the “Inergetix Core” evaluation and treatment began. There was an array of issues that popped up but the root of his issues was simply all emotional based, this was showing through him physically. This was something a vet could not have possibly picked up with any test available to him. One week later after the Core treatment , Sam’s hair stopped falling out, he started gaining weight. He actually had energy, tearing around the paddock and was enjoying being a horse again. I stopped wasting my money on supplements that weren’t working and had a horse that could be ridden, and showed enthusiasm to be ridden.

I can’t thank Megan and the Inergetix Core System enough, they gave me back a healthy horse.

Shayne, Mid North Coast, NSW.


JUNE 2015          Animals…..

We live in the Adelaide Hills on a property and care for a number of animals. We have horses, alpacas, chickens, dogs, possums & kangaroos. Recently one of our horses developed some behavioural issues and was becoming unpredictable to ride. We knew something was wrong and he was also obsessive about eating and became very over weight. Megan’s assistance with identifying underlying issues including emotional ones helped us in his management. She identified he was insulin resistant and as it turned out he did end up with low grade laminitis. During that stage we had 4 weeks of energetic healing through Megan and he made a full recovery. His other emotional issues have resolved and he is much happier and healthier.

Another animal that Megan helped us with was a young Western Grey kangaroo (we are involved in fauna rescue). This young female became critically ill with a serious bowel infection. She was treated in intensive care at an emergency hospital for 48 hours before returning home on antibiotics & pain relief. The vet said from the start that she had a small chance of survival due to the damage & inflammation in her gut. Megan was reassuring and was able to do sessions on her each day, saying she would be ok in a week or so. Our little Roo made a full recovery and was bouncing around 2 weeks later.

We believe Megan’s energetic healing has assisted us greatly with the treatment & recovery of our animals and highly recommend her service.


Elle & Geoff Cook. South Australia.


JUNE 2015

Even though I am still undergoing remote CoRe treatments I can report on my improvements so far.  Prior to this, my experience has been over 28 years of struggle with 2 very controlling partners in my life and myself going to work as that was my sanctuary.  The funny thing is, I found some strength and moved on from those relationships and I have found my self involved with much the same personalities in the people I chose to call friends.

 I needed Megan’s help to share her specialty, as I do not want a lifetime of that same blend of negativity in my life.  

 It has been such a long time that I have started to get clarity within my thoughts and processing what others are saying/doing to me AND what I am allowing to happen to me.  

 I have noticed my improvements and they have been coming in slowly.  I notice them mostly first thing in the morning and in the evenings. The therapy is clearing the haze in my thoughts and has allowed me to process what is for my higher good and realize that the negatives are not for me and I now no longer allow myself to be in the company of negativity.

 My self confidence is on the path back after being absent for such a long time and we are getting reacquainted every day.  

 Each morning I wake I am feeling stronger emotionally and am able to process what is mine to keep and what i can cull from my thought patterns, energies and my happiness .

 My treatment is ongoing and I am happy to report an update at a later date…..

 Have a great day!

Jennie Cartmill. Queensland


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