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Shirly Weiss – Spiritual Psychology

Offering a comprehensive approach to enhanced health, self-realization and the development of human potential.

Shirly Weiss, MA, HHC

About Shirly Weiss, MA, HHC

“My ultimate mission is to help others live in their brilliance and raise the vibration of our planet. My journey in the healing arts officially began with studying nutrition, however, I quickly came to see how science separated the body from the spirit resulting in a fragmented picture. I could sense deeply that what is psychological is at times physiological, what is physiological is often psychological and that all of the above are ultimately lessons of growth in the spiritual realm. And so I began a quest to obtain training in all areas that would expand my ability to hold my clients in that light.

I have trained in holistic health and nutritional counseling, Psychosynthesis transpersonal psychology, spiritual psychology, developmental psychology, energetic healing modalities such as Rising Star Healing system and most recently permaculture that gave me an approach to systems thinking based in nature. Within all of this, I have found the CoRe to be the ultimate complement as at its essence, it is a spiritual tool that facilitates an unbiased gathering of information in the content of the larger web of life while also generating energetic and informational level balancing. It is a holistic tool in the deepest sense and integrating it with complementary modalities in the physical and psycho-spiritual realms results in an unparalleled approach to healing.

Today, I find I primarily work in the psycho-spiritual sphere with the assistance of the CoRe energetic & informational modalities both with clients seeking growth at the soul level or clients seeking healing of a physical health concern. When necessary, given the holistic nature of the work, I will draw upon my background in nutrition, holistic health and body-based modalities to support greater healing. My vision is that health care and all of life will return to such holistic, integrated common sense ways again soon. I see my work to be just as much about advancing this larger mission as it is about helping individuals and the planet grow.”

– ♥ ♥ ♥ –

Spiritual Psychology and CoRe

Spiritual psychology recognizes the spiritual realm and is based on the assumption that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. In this approach, the aim of life is not necessarily the successful attainment of goals on the physical realm (family, careers, relationships, etc.) rather the growth, learning and development that occurs at the soul level as a result of such life experiences. What’s interesting though is that as we grow and develop at the soul level, we also find we often experience a parallel increase in our health and abilities to succeed on the physical level.

Using the CoRe with Holistic Health Counseling and Spiritual Psychology is like pressing fast forward on a tape. In its function on the energetic level, it enhances the physical, mental and emotional state to one of higher vibration and channel flow so that greater awareness, healing and creativity can take place. In its function on the informational realm, it can narrow in on connected issues in one session and balance negative and stuck thought patterns and belief systems at the “subconscious” realm, beyond where the client can often consciously go on their own. As such, the speed at which the client grows is augmented and the work becomes a lot more powerful and graceful.

The CoRe and Spiritual Psychology go hand in hand as the ultimate aim of both is to facilitate the movement and growth at the soul level from which we often experience “coincidental” movement and growth in other realms. While I have seen benefits of such multi-dimensional work in almost every area of life, those I find of greatest value are a noticeable expansion of consciousness, an increased connection to the essence of one’s true self and the inner peace that accompanies these. In such a state, one becomes the eye of the storm, absorbing the 100-mile-an-hour winds of life with increased grace, willingness and ease.

– ♥ ♥ ♥ –

Curriculum Vitae:

  • Masters in Spiritual Psychology – University of Santa Monica
  • Psychosynthesis Transpersonal Psychology Practitioner – The Synthesis Center in Amherst, Massachusetts
  • Certified Holistic Health Counselor – The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • In depth studies in Developmental and Pre/Perinatal Psychology with Professor & Psychologist, Armando Elias, Creator of the IntelliBee Educational System.
  • Certified Language of Mastery Instructor / Conscious Language Outcome Facilitation
  • Bachelor of Arts – Florida State University
  • Rising Star Healing Modality & Reiki
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
  • Permaculture Design Certificate

Founder of WeissHolistic:

Co-Founder of Shala Om Integrative Living:

Co-Founder and creator of “Greening from Within”:

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