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Integrative Medicine ~ CoRe Expert Coaching Sessions in FL/NJ/DE/PA/ Get to The CoRe Today!

I have a very diversified background in various fields of medicine. My intuition has always been my guide. I have integrated my background with nursing, psychology, real life lessons, Reiki and have found my home with the CoRe Inergetix.

It helps me to get to the CoRe issues, it directs my Reiki Energy without deleting my own, and most importantly: I can offer the most up-to-date technology to clients who are in need of direction, energy balancing and a Guide to improving their Health on so many levels that we are just beginning to understand.

Integrative Medicine & CoRe Inergetix Expert

Monica Flannery, Holistic Nurse

Opening your Consciousness  to 

 Allow ~ Ask~ Receive ~ Pass It   Forward  ~           
If what you are doing now, is not working for you.
I invite you to consult with : Monica Flannery, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, CoRe Inergetix Practitioner, to find what is blocking your path to Wellness, Happiness, and Contentment.
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