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Caroline Buwalda – Coach, Healer and Wellness Specialist

It’s my passion to help people on all levels – conscious as well as sub-conscious – to become more balanced, receive more insights in their life processes, become spiritually conscious and achieve a higher level of energy. Come and get acquainted with a new way of thinking, feeling, and experiencing.

If you would like support for life issues, or would just like someone to listen to you, or if you would like to know why you always run into the same problems, then coaching might be what you need.

If you would rather be bathed in healing frequencies, then there are several options. Try to intuitively feel which healing you need at this moment.

If you would just like to relax with music and energetic frequencies then a BioLaeser session might be your choice. Or a beneficial massage with the Raindrop Massage Technique, while enjoying the lovely aroma’s and deep relaxation of essential oils. The Vibrational Raindrop Technique gives massage a very unique experience by using stem forks and Young Living essential oils.

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