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Autism – ADHD spectrum disorders

From several other post I have done in the past you know I see the study of our right and left brain manifestations as a key to the development of informational medicine

I see Autism as the result not of mercury vaccination or some other chemical explanation but simply the result of Left-brain over-emphasis

but Autism is only one of the many disease that are a result of this kind of left-right Brain imbalance

Whenever we have a client that has lost partially the connection to the overall picture we can see this as an indication for an Autism-spectrum disorder

Seeing this way we will have many disease that fall into this category that until now have not been related in any way to Autism e.g.

1. giving an over-importance to some discomfort

2. being over-sensitive to some otherwise non-harmful substance

3. giving over-importance to some task (locking the door, doing homework,

4. giving over-emphasis to some to some value (title, money, believe-system

5. giving over-value to some event in time (honey-moon, death of loved-one, test,

6. addiction = over-emphasis in general

7. being the observer – having nothing to do with you or parts of you (Schizophrenia,

8. feeling of being different then others (vanity,

9. inability to have compassion (inability to feel what others feel, fear of transference for example in medicine,

10. imbalances – no ability to juggle, as to keep balance needs to keep a relative position towards the environment (dizziness,

11. need to control movement, inability to let movement happen in coordination with others or music, slow or interrupted movement

12. over-emphasis of boundaries (for example when Jill felt she was not able to feel where here body-surface was-this was a shift to a right-brain approach that felt very disturbing to her, sensation of expansion

13. dominance of brain-chatter, problem oriented existence,

14. mechanically performing tasks, routine, pattern

15. not having time, being over busy

16. inability to make connections, associations

17. seeing pixels and no pictures, hearing sound but no melody

18. understanding words but being inability to make sense

19. insensitivity to senses as they overload in their complexity the left brain capacity

20. when walking always trying to not step on boarders of pavers but only inside

Jill Bolte Taylor describes here very well her own stroke that affected the left brain and one can see that this created the RESET for her that gave her the understanding of how things are related to brain activity on a larger scale

Right-brain dominance diseases :

(many drug and meditation, kundalini, enlightenment experiences fall into this category and as you can see Jill went from too much left to probably a bit too much right activity)

1. over silence

2. constant blissed out feeling, euphoria, over-enthusiasm

3. inability to focus

4. inability to make distinctions and decisions

5. feeling all is energy and consciousness

6. enlightened or “seeing it all” sensation

7. over-relaxation, all stress gone,

8. all needs and limitations gone, (no need to eat, behave in a certain way, have responsibilities

9. all past is gone and all visions and missions are gone

10. memory loss

11. lack of ability to be on time

12, crazy ideas, ideas unrelated or out of proportion to the situation

13. not being able to follow through with a plan of action

14. lots of dreams but little actions

15. lack of feeling for cultural limits, upsetting, e.g. bringing a real brain into a TV show

16. limited feeling for body boundaries

17. flower-power perception of only beautiful. loving, peaceful, beings all around

18. over-dependence on freedom and limitless-ness

19. inability to fill a required role like mother, child, husband – always feeling imprisoned

20. illusion to be god. to be all-and-everything, pure energy, pure light, pure consciousness,

21. illusion that we can choose any moment without limits who we want to be

22. emotionally moved when reminded of events that united many people

23. being “over”-expansive emotionally in general, over-sentimental, over-dramatic,

6 comments to Autism – ADHD spectrum disorders

  • Julide Sert

    I think I have right brain dominance diseases. I would like to heal me. Could you please help???
    Thank you

  • Julide Sert

    Dear Kiran,
    I have read the symptoms again. Yes I have all. I would like to have an appointment with you. Could you please tell me where and when.
    Thank you.
    Have a wonderful life,

  • Teresa

    I have a beautiful daughter that was diagnosed with autism at 2 & 1/2 years. I thought was due to vaccines, but
    it sounds like a left-brain right brain issue. She has some language, no conversational language, very bright and smart,
    but low muscle control for writing, but plays on computer. Feelings-not sure if she knows sadness, happiness, etc.
    We have gone through many many many treatments and therapies. If there is even a chance she could recover
    through your treatments-we must try-please please e-mail me—Teresa

  • Rebecca

    Good Day

    I am very interested in knowing more about your system working with different types Autism… and could it help someone with Asperger Syndrome. I am searching for the right system to buy down the road. Its must resonate with me … But I will write that I like the fact “John of God” likes this one. I will not try to over chat my space so Thank you in advance for your time.

    Oregon USA

    • Kiran

      Hello Rebecca

      as with all other diseases we are not treating the disease but the spirit that is manifesting it – Autims and ADHD are best examples that it is Informational control mechanism (Spirit)
      that needs to be dealt with – just like John of God does exclusively – and we do not promote that someone does self-treatment – please contact one of our practitioner who has a
      Bio-LaesEr at


  • Dear  all,
    I  have  a autism kid which is 10yrs old .His  problem  now  is  lack of  attention , lack of  interaction with friends n family ,sometime emotional, not  interested  in  all  activity  like  babminton,bicycling,jogging……  .
    I  heard  about  bio resonance treatment ,and  claim that  it  can  cure autism ,  any one heard about  this ,  I  need  your  kind comment about  BRT.
    Thank you very  much  for  your caring.
    with best  regards,

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