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Daniela Andreescu – Coaching Soulscapes, Art-of-Change Counselling, CoRe and Informational Healing Modalities

The aim of life is to live,
and to live means to be aware, joyously, serenely, divinely aware.

Henry Miller


Daniela Andreescu

Daniela Andreescu | Coach and Consultant | Art of Change


I used to love art and to hate change. If love and hate are polarities of the same energy, why not unify… art and change? So, some years ago, I started my own Art-of-Change project (

Change is the only permanence available to us. It is an art to accompany change with our consciousness, instead of simply bearing it when it happens. You need knowledge and skills to do that, you need practice to be successful in doing it. The unifying factor is a state of presence that allows you to increase your awareness so as to be able to think-feel-sense in coherence, and to think-feel-speak-behave in congruence. The foundation for building presence is respect – for yourself, for others, for All-There-Is. You can practice respect by practicing acceptance. Going beyond approving-disapproving, liking-disliking, willing-unwilling, you might discover what Life wants from you, instead of wondering and struggling to grasp what you imagine you want from Life.


My Art-of-Change practice promotes Life – in all its beauty and impermanence, its sufferings and joys. It is a holistic approach that proposes the development of ‘being skills’ which can guide a person’s harmonious evolution and a more conscious accompanying of one’s life.


The greatest danger for most of us, is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.



CoIncidence-ReCognition Work

Coming into contact with the CoRe-Theory was a huge breakthrough. It was the missing piece in the puzzle of all that I had been learning and practicing – the piece that contained and enlightened the big picture.


Daniela Andreescu | Perfections

As a Life Coach and Consultant, I use the CoRe-System for most of the sessions with my clients, in combination other methods and techniques I practice, developing holistic programs for stress & wellness management, integrative personal transformation and the ecology of communication and interpersonal relations. The result is that it takes the client much less time to get to the core of the matter, to recuperate energy and to reconnect to the information that fosters Life. Working with CoRe made me realize that coaching, personal development methods, ‘energy therapies’, are all instruments to be used in the art, science and practice of ‘the medicine of information’. It is a continuous lesson in humility and humanity.

Professional Profile

Life Coach (ACC-ICF), consultant in the management of communication and interpersonal relations (E.S.P.E.R.E.© Method), practitioner of spiritual healing modalities (Usui Reiki, Shamballa, Pranic Healing, Medicine Buddha, Qi Gong), certified Inergetix-CoRe System Practitioner, Certified Informational Medicine Therapist (NTCB-EU).

My personal and professional research project is ‘coaching-art’ – painting Soulscapes (‘landscapes of the soul’), for clients I work with, for people who wish to see themselves through my eyes, or just for joy ( ). They are paintings meant to keep ‚in front of your eyes’ an image of the profound intention to achieve what you desire, be it your goal, your life vision or simply… acceptance. By the way… the soul is that part inside you that looks through your eyes and not with your eyes.

A day lived energetically and with determination
is better than a hundred years of idleness.



1 comment to Daniela Andreescu – Coaching Soulscapes, Art-of-Change Counselling, CoRe and Informational Healing Modalities

  • Daca aveti timp va rog  sa discutam la telefon. 0745103696. Ma intereseaza medicina cuantica, niveluri proteice si modificarile la nivel molecular.
    Daca avem  ceva comun doresc sa ne vedem si sa discutam.
    Cu deosebit respect
    Dr. Patrascu

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