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Expert in integral detoxification as a means to personal liberation

Integral detoxification means to detoxify the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body for blockages/stagnation that create resistance to the flow/dynamic equilibrium in the human body system. The human body system is dependent on a free flow of its elements on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) for it to be optimal and able to use its potential.

Integral detoxification as a means to liberation is a lifestyle. It is not primarly about being healthy, it is about consciously observing and reacting to life´s events in a new way. A new way of living that makes it possible for you to realize more of your potential. By being open to all possibilities all the time you break your own limitations/blockages/stagnation. It requires a sustained effort, but when you are on the path you do not want to do anything else. Anything else has no meaning because you see that walking the path is the only reason for living.  Always working on refining your own expression and understanding of life.

As I have lived and breathed this lifestyle everyday I have accumulated an understanding that might be helpful for you. I can also recognize pitfalls and success markers on the path that can help you were you are at now.

1 comment to Expert in integral detoxification as a means to personal liberation

  • I like your thoughts. I have developed a method of healing (myself) with the mind that has confounded doctors for years, and I use a Rife unit for healing others. Where possible, i always start with detoxification first, then candida, and then the symptom if it still exists.


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