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Energy addiction – the leading cause for sickness


The informational matrix

All of us can and have experiences that are predominantly influenced by one of the 4 levels of existence that are the basis of the CoRe philosophy : material, energetic, informational and spiritual.

An energetic view or experience of the world is about CHANGE, and this is the center of gravity of the contemporary western world with its most archetypal representation in the USA culture.

In the energy way of life things have to be changed quickly, possibly only used once (throw away culture), nobody is ever at rest, you have long commuting times because change of place (movement) is built into this energy way of life. Energy is pure change, that is why you cannot hold a piece of energy in your hand and all forms of energy storage are actually not storing energy but forms of potential energy.

The external movement and addiction to change in a culture that is on the way to become a mono-energy-culture is not limited to external manifestations but is also part of the emotional and intellectual life. There have to be changing information every 15 minutes in form of News-updates and you cannot be satisfied with what is already there.

Most E-mails I get are about questions like this : “Did you hear about the new Re-magnetizing therapy of Dr XYZ” or “Can we not make it possible that CoRe looks different each time I open it” or “Can we not add a module about XYZ”. I is not questions about what is already there but what could be there and what should be changed.

There are so many hundreds of therapy forms out there, just as many different churches but certainly most people are on the outlook for the really new or something that has not been invented. Many buy thing only for the reason that they are new and put them aside shortly after.

And more deeply this stagnation on the energy (change) aspect of existence goes very deep and is the reason for many illnesses. We are never really at ease with what we have, somebody could give us more attention, certainly the car or the watch we have needs to be changed. The issues is not essentially about “Being in the now” because most concerns that people have are exactly about the immediate Now .

Something small is missing or is not exactly as it should be, some fear is triggered by thinking about my child, my spouse, my bank account about too many things that are still un-done – right now. So in fact it is the “Power of Now” that keeps a grip on the life of most people.

And the bottom line is our contemporary over-indulgence in a need for “Change”.

This kind of over-focus leads to a great longing for the opposite, and there is no shortage of people who know how to make money of this. Need for sleeping pills, for special sleeping mattresses, for the holiday that lets you completely disconnect or the insurance that makes you save from all the unexpected turns and changes that can happen.

Or then there is the huge market that sell it a form of spiritual enlightenment all with the promise that they will relieve you from the “too much of change” that the contemporary Zeitgeist has inflicted on you or that you have allowed to rule your life. On one side there are the churches that are giving you a clear-cut dogma to follow, don’t celebrate Christmas or your birth-date and this will set you on the path to paradise or don’t eat animals and this will be the foundation for enlightenment or only eat kosher food and don’t cut your locks and Allah will look with great favor on your life. There is no stupid rule that has not been sold as a way to get into paradise – but the reason why they always find followers is this deep longing for certainty and getting relieve from too much change (energy).

Then there are the more eastern-guru copies that sell you the idea that “If your mind comes to rest (no more change)” you will have reached the final destination of existence, you will have ever-lasting bliss, you will be enlightened – no change can ever again make you tired or afraid. Sounds good and beautiful as it seems – no dogma – just the dogma that “a noisy mind is your obstacle to enlightenment” and “its only you who stands in your own way” this is so kind and so superior to the Christian dogmatic institutions – but is it really different ?

And then there is the 3rd general way of trying to escape this over-energy culture. Just work yourself in total exhaustion, have your schedule packed to the top, have at least 2 cell-phones and 5 e-mail accounts, have the TV running in the background not to miss an important news event and if your day leaves you a tiny amount of energy in the evening go for fitness center, work out the last bit of energy that is scratching you, go for competitive sports or at least watch them on TV and follow it with a thriller that makes you release all the accumulated energy that is making you nervous. Get yourself into complete exhaustion so you do not need to go “shopping until you drop” – of course you would prefer this, but your credit card is already maxed out.

Does this give you a few more clues why people need to get a RESET sadly often in form of a sickness – but please wake up and do not blame the lactose, the swine flue or the amalgam in his mouth

Different from that is a life centered in the informational matrix, here it is Potential energy that is the essence, it is Potential Change, that we are filled with when we are predominantly influenced by this plane. For many people, moments of this kind have become rare which is the reason for much dissatisfaction or eventually illness.

A state of Potential Energy is comparable with that of a seed, or nature in the last days of winter just before it bursts into all the changes that come with spring. Really noting is happing but there is the certainty that all is possible and that there is plenty and enough in storage – it is a state of satisfaction and certainty and paradoxically there is nothing yet visible that would justify such a satisfaction.

Cultures that are considered “undeveloped” like here in Bali are in this predominantly informational matrix state, there is so much more happiness and satisfaction than in any culture that is so over-focused on energy (change). There is no change needed, things remain the same until every few centuries natural catastrophes make change un-avoidable. This is another state that is thought by many by going back to nature, a simple life style and organic farming – again without much success because it is only an external way to achieve what one is not knowing what one is looking for.

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