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Feeling Stuck in Your Life? Are Your Emotions Clogging Your Health? Consider Having an Emotional Clearing with Maria Dancing Heart.

Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund combines three modalities that she has learned in these powerful sessions that can help to clear emotions and help with physical, emotional, and mental healing. The three modalities are: Heart Wall Healings, introduced by chiropractor Bradley Nelson (see The Emotion Code for more), Matrix Energtetics, a form of quantam physics introduced by chiropractor Richard Bartlett (see Matrix Energetics and The Physics of Miracles), and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha’s Divine Healing Hands.

The process takes about an hour. When doing a session in person, Dancing Heart usually begins with a brief “roll out” massage using the Mag Creator, a Nikken magnetic device. This helps to balance and relax a person’s body. Then, Dancing Heart finds out which emotions are trapped in your auric field and proceeds to remove them using the device. During her sessions, she also introduces Matrix Energetics and the Divine Healing Hands as they are appropriate and needed. You are likely to feel more relaxed, lighter, and freer after the treatment. Usually one session is enough to feel a difference, although several sessions over a couple ofr weeks or months are recommended.

All the work can be done remotely as well. And this work is highly recommended for your animals and pets as well.

Maria Dancing Heart’s Bio

Maria Dancing Heart is a United Church of Christ minister. After serving U.C.C. churches for ten years, she transitioned into hospice work. While serving as a spiritual counselor for the renowned Group Health Cooperative in the Great Northwest, she published two books: The Last Adventure of Life: Inspiring Approaches to Living and Dying and The Most Important Day of Your Life? She has a cross-cultural perspective because of her birth and upbringing in Japan. Dancing Heart is a bridge builder who encourages more joy and awareness around living and dying. Her energetic healings will help you Forgive, Release, Let Go, and Move On! Dancing Heart has always honored the body-mind-spirit approach to healing and health. She has recently relocated to the Phoenix area and is now desiring to help people clear out the old energy in their lives so that they can make the shifts necessary to move into the newer, lighter spiritual energies that are available to us today!

Some Testimonials

The heart wall healing I received from Maria transformed my life in a good way. Within days, I was inundated with an abundance I have not experienced in many years. It was relaxing and enjoyable, and I highly recommend her heart wall healings. — L. Steven Sieden, author of Buckminster Fuller’s Universe and National Cultural Trends Reporter at (

After a good rest, I felt the full effect of the healing session. I am now feling a light strong energy and am more open to spiritual energy and activity around me. My body and soul are more open to the world. I feel free of the sadness that had held me hostage. I have been able to take care of the business I needed to do to move on with my life. I believe that this was because of your skillful ability to heal and the genuine loving heart that you brought to the healing session.       — Kathryn

Thank you, Maria “Dancing Heart,” for the healing session the other day. I have begun journaling and identifying how the emotions that we found apparent in our session form the outcomes of the choices I make in my daily living. This is a wonderful foundation to review and advance my path towards opening and understanding my Heart completely. Thank you for being the Healer you were meant to be.   — John Pryor, Vibrational Medicine Practitioner

I want to thank you for the heart wall healing. I have felt better since our session and now feel I am able to move forward in a positive light. I feel that for those of us with residual trauma your therapy is priceless. I am now of the belief everyone would benefit from the healing you are able to achieve.  …  My world is a better place because of YOU.     — SueAnn

After only one heart- wall healing session, I found that I was no longer holding the anger I’d been carrying. It was not repressed, it was simply gone! My significant other and I are on much better terms now. A day later I couldn’t believe how much lighter and happier I felt; and I was so much kinder and accepting toward (and genuinely delighted to see) my dear one. She is so happy with the change in me, too! Also, I had some severe and emotionally crippling anger issues with my Dad and those seem to be gone, too!    — Jeff Keith

Finally, here’s an article that was written about a heart wall healing Dancing Heart did for a very sick doggie:

Please contact Dancing Heart if you’re interested in working/playing with her:


Phone: (425) 367-9788 or (480) 442-9788

Hourly Rate: One session usually takes about an hour. Dancing Heart charges between $75 and $110 for her sessions, depending on the length of your session.

3 comments to Feeling Stuck in Your Life? Are Your Emotions Clogging Your Health? Consider Having an Emotional Clearing with Maria Dancing Heart.

  • I have been reserching for a cure for the health ailment called Achalasia. I am aware of having 5 bodies, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and the body of responsibility. Since I have been drawn to find you Dancing Heart, I am looking forward to making a verbal connection and aquire a session from you.  Thank You for your Love   Nameste             Freedom

  • Hi, Freedom. Good to hear from you. Please call me when it’s convenient for you, and we shall talk. I cannot promise a “cure,” but perhaps some Shifting, at least… who knows what’s possible?!?! Where are you located by the way?
    The best phone # to use here in the U.S. is (928) 284-4192. Blessings of Peace & Light, Dancing heart~~~~
    p.s. If you’d rather do Skype, we could arrange that, but for tomorrow would be best for that. (I see you’re ahead of me, time wise, by 5 hrs. or so?)

  • When someone writes an post he/she retains the thought of a user in his/her mind that how
    a user can know it. Therefore that’s why this post is perfect. Thanks!

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