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Consciousness And Energy In Healing

As an explorer of consciousness, metaphysics, and health issues, I’ve had a keen interest in understanding how consciousness creates our experiential reality. Since everything that exists physically is really a product of information fields it’s important to consider how those fields are generated and transformed.  Metaphysical healing systems and correlative mind-body maps are increasingly recognized in the field of energy medicine.

MetaMedicine/Biodecoding/German New Medicine are one type of system that examines how psychological stresses and conflicts create illness. Michael Lincoln’s Message From The Body and his other reference books explore the meaning of every conceivable condition and body part. Louise Hay is perhaps the most popular author on this subject of mind-body correlation. We are beings that create through multiple layers of energy – from the spiritual down through the electromagnetic spectrum and physical form.  Imagination is the light-source of creation, and what is conceived creates an energetic information field that will ripple through to denser layers of reality where it will create an effect on the holographic physical world projection. Emotion is a vital aspect of this process since emotions are energy waves that empower the manifestation of mental creations. We all know that distressing emotions promote disease, since they provide information to the body chemical regulation system to release chemicals that are designed to help the body respond to what perceived reality exists in the mind to generate the emotion. If you are feeling threatened you may have a lot of adrenaline released since the body’s historical program is fight or flight when danger is present. If the body continues to react in this way without getting to rest and rebalance then you will eventually become ill since those chemicals are toxic and you will run out of energy and resources to process them.

In past-life regressions it is often discovered that a current illness is rooted in another life experience that the mind is attached to in a distressing way.  The soul is seeking resolution of something unconsciously through the body. The body can be seen as a map and projection tool for the Soul and subconscious mind. In energy healing techniques and shamanic healing systems it is seen how the human energy field/biofield contains the memories and information of a person’s beliefs, emotions, and perceptions of their experiences from multiple lifetimes. Even images of the “future” can be perceived since the future exists in the informational matrix connected to the person just as the past does – the perception of linear time is a lower density construct that doesn’t apply on a higher spiritual level. This is why spiritual healing can produce instantaneous results.

Our chakras and meridians are parts of the energy flow regulation system that reflects our human experience.  Each chakra carries information pertaining to specific areas of our consciousness and responses to life. Root chakra issues pertain to our basic survival needs while crown chakra issues are about our higher consciousness and our connection to spiritual realms and our Higher Self. The meridians are the circuits that carry energy through our body and connect the major organs energetically to our head and limbs/extremities. These energy vortices (chakras) and circuits (meridians) are bringing information processing into our physical reality interface. Just as a computer uses energy for the CPU and memory chips to function so does the human organism. When there’s an energy drain the system crashes – it can’t handle the normal amount of processing that is required to function in the Earth environment. This could be reflected as an example in immune suppression, where the system fails to respond to the pathogenic microbes that would usually cause no harm when a person is energized and healthy. In a computer it would mean more sophisticated multimedia programs can’t function with a weaker CPU (e.g., 500 mhz rather than 3 ghz).

We can recognize that the Source of energy is spiritual – without a spirit a body breaks down to dust, showing the principle of entropy. We do absorb energy from external sources while incarnate – from food, air, sunlight, healers, etc., which are themselves extensions of spiritual energy from a higher source.  We can also consider the principle of resonance – any vibrational energy wave that we have in our environment is something we can be in resonance with. Your cell phone goes into resonance with the frequency from the cell tower and receives information which is decoded as the sound of someone speaking.  Nature produces the information that supports life – in plants, water, light, and sound. If you are exposed to things that carry corrupted, distorted information then you may become ill if you accept that distorted data. Modern foods with GMO, artifical chemicals, etc., often foster illness because they provide disruptive information. Vaccines also function in this way. Water molecules are affected by their environment, even by the thoughts of humans as demonstrated by Dr. Emoto’s research. The human body is close to 80% water and responds to many influences. To heal we need to learn to offer healthy, harmonious vibrational input and information on multiple levels – foods and nutrients, sound and light waves, emotions, and thoughts/beliefs are all carrying information into our biofield. Do we want raw unprocessed foods or dead chemical-laden foods? Do we want beautiful art and harmonious soothing music or discordant images and sounds? Do we want to feel love and gratitude for ourselves and life or be in resentment and fear?

These are things to consider as we address any health challenges or concerns we may have.

– Jed Shlackman, LMHC, C.Ht. Jed has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Miami and M.S. Ed. (Master of Science in Education) degree in Counseling. Jed is a hypnotherapist and Reiki Master as well as a practitioner of other energy, information, and sound healing methods. Jed is author of Consciousness, Creation, and Existence: A Guide to The Grand Adventure. Learn more at

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