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“Old Lives Become New” with SRT & SpR

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) was developed by Robert Detzler in 1988. Although it is a relatively new therapy, it is based on Pythagorean teachings and seeks by using quantum physics, to explain the spiritual nature of man while exploring simple truths in a scientific manner. Its purpose is to cleanse the negative effects that accumulate upon a person from this and previous lives, allowing for new, positive, supportive ideas and beliefs to establish themselves and achieve an overall improvement in that person’s life. A pendulum and a series of special charts are used to look into the Akashic Records (each person’s book of lives).

The instantaneous healings of SRT provide compelling evidence of our ability for self healing. Within the past 22 years, Robert Detzler has helped over 25,000 thousand people worldwide, to live a life full of joy, health, prosperity and love, regardless of their beliefs about reincarnation. This method has experienced a spectacular growth that is increasing every day with over 4,500 trained consultants in over 22 countries worldwide.

Despite the amazing results of SRT, Robert in 1998, still experienced problems with some programs and their adverse effects which were expressed in the body as illnesses or pain which sometimes developed into chronic conditions. He trained, adjusted and incorporated the treatment system by Margaret Kean named “Results” to the SRT system, thus completing the healing circle. He named the new therapy Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) and now teaches this method to SRT consultants who have some experience in SRT work, allowing for a holistic approach to their consulting work.

How can the therapies help someone?
The soul and body gather and accumulate negative energy and tension from everyday life and from negative programs and blockages they have chosen to work on before incarnating, as their life plan. All these factors can develop over time into problems in the mental/psychological composition of the human soul and the body systems, such as the digestive, respiratory, endocrine, nervous, immune, and especially in the muscular and skeletal systems. After researching and clearing negative programs, interferences and traumas (mental, psychological, spiritual & physical memories) the SRT & SpR therapies, can bring about immediate results in many cases. In chronic cases of expressed diseases, repetitive treatments may be necessary through SpR.

The SRT therapy may help you to:

  • heal traumas
  • treat childhood fears
  • live a life of freedom, joy and clarity
  • remove negative influences
  • eliminate self-punishment programs
  • eliminate subconscious barriers
  • harmonize relationships
  • exercise your ultimate potential

Spiritual Restructuring or SpR works on issues that have expressed themselves in the body. A SRT session must precede SpR in order to clear negative programs that affect the body (not necessarily in the same day, although it can be). SpR works with all systems of the body to correct heal and balance the vibrations in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level of our being. The seven aspects of SpR focus on:

  • bring about body alignment
  • heal the muscle system
  • improve diet
  • balance the brain / mind melt
  • alleviate emotional stress expressed as illness/aches in body
  • allow the spiritual healing of organs & glands

Can you refer to some therapy examples?

According to my experience I’ve enjoyed almost instantaneous therapies for people, such as preventing their potential suicides, cure depressions and dependencies, and reunite family members who hadn’t spoken for years. But the usual rhythm is a slow and steady healing process which enables the person to feel, contemplate and enjoy the difference. The therapy however, is a highly personal matter for everyone and operates in accordance with our intention and temperament and to the level which we allow it to happen.

What has it done for you?

I trained for personal reasons never thinking I’d be involved in this line of work. But the changes were so great, that it’s a pleasure for me to share this therapy with others. At first, I felt relieved while I distanced myself from painful memories and situations. I faced reality in a more objectively, and left behind uncomfortable feelings of fluidity and acquired in some way “substance “. I could support my views and ideas in a comfortable manner, knowing when to listen and when to speak and judge when I needed to increase the tones as a strategy and not as a painful process. At the end of six months, a sweet feeling of peace, joy and power arose from within me, without the influence of external factors (e.g. a new job).

Note: The therapies have helped thousands of people around the world. This does not mean of course that it can help everyone. The results can never be guaranteed, and the therapies and consultants who apply them do not seek to replace your psychotherapist, physician or the medication which you are prescribed to take.

Xenia Ioannidou, Piraeus, Greece

Accredited Teacher of SRT & SpR
Member of the Worldwide Communication Commission of SRA
Member of the Worldwide Ethics & Standards Committee of SRA
President of SRA of Greece

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