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Ada Porat, Kinesiologist & Life Coach, Stillpoint Holistic Services

Integrative Body/Mind/Spirit approach resulting in rapid transformation.


Ph.D. in pastoral counseling; M.A. in individual and organizational development; certified Life Balance Coach; internationally certified in Behavioral Kinesiology & Touch For Health; certified Vibrational Healer/Instructor; certified Matrix Energetics practitioner; Energy Medicine & Informational Medicine Practitioner; Usui Reiki & Karuna Master; ordained non-denominational minister.


I recognize that you are a spiritual being living in a physical body. As such, your body, mind, and emotions provide us with valuable clues about what is happening at various levels of your life. In our work together, we address issues at all levels of being – body, mind & spirit – for profound shifts & lasting transformation.

Experience has taught me that there is no “one size fits all” approach in working with people. Each person is unique, & their unique need for support can best be met by combining proven techniques from various disciplines into an integrative treatment protocol.

This integrative approach to personal growth offers clients the best of both worlds: As a life coach I draw on appropriate vibrational healing skills to clear core limitations at the cellular level so clients can get unstuck; as a vibrational practitioner I integrate life coaching skills into the healing practice to help clients move forward with confidence. This approach offers clients significant, measurable results.

This integrative approach to personal growth is also very effective: In working with thousands of clients, most have found permanent relief from long-standing issues or experienced life-changing breakthroughs after only five or six sessions; others experienced transformative shifts after the first session already.

My work invites the presence of Higher wisdom into the process to facilitate profound shifts in consciousness. My passion is to help you rediscover your true potential by clearing away that which obscures the essence of your true magnificence, so you can live the life you were meant to live!


“I went to Ada with a variety of challenges that involved constant depression, anxiety & being stuck in my life. Through just a few sessions, I was able to take some monumental steps to transform my life & rid myself of numerous negative emotions that I have had for years. Her significant insights & the depth of her treatment modalities have made a measurable impact in allowing me to live my life with increasing levels of awareness & effectiveness. I have found Ada to be a highly competent, results-oriented coach & healer with a great deal of integrity. She will go out of her way to help others & I strongly recommend her services to anyone that wants to enhance & expand their life. It is impossible to fully put into words, all that she has done for me.” – William M., Arizona

“I was diagnosed with a torn & detached retina by a doctor who is a retina specialist. He said that I needed surgery right away & wanted to operate that same day. Instead, I decided to go to Ada for energy healing first. After she worked on the eye, she suggested that I get a second opinion to determine the condition of my eye. I got a second opinion with another retina specialist & after a thorough exam, he found that my eye had completely healed!” – Ruth K., Arizona

“I cannot express the joy & comfort that one feels after a session with you. Thank you, dear one, for your wonderful gifts.” – Felicia C., California

“I want to make sure you know just how much you helped me shift… my life feels totally different. I am absolutely in awe at how beautiful & easy life can be.  Everything is flowing & things manifest all around me in a way that I would have never imagined possible. For me it was a dramatically consciousness expanding experience.” – Petra T., Cape Town


Appointments are available in person and by phone or Skype worldwide.

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Tel:     (928) 251-0455  9 AM – 6 PM Mountain Standard Time.

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