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Bruno Loureiro – Terapeuta Medicina Informacional – Sistema CoRe

Espaço dedicado à Medicina Informacional e Medicina Tradicional Chinesa

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Terapeuta – Bruno Loureiro

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RUA 22 Nº 481

4500 Espinho, Portugal

2 comments to Bruno Loureiro – Terapeuta Medicina Informacional – Sistema CoRe

  • Marius-Mihail Lutia

    I’m an allopathic doctor GP, but my practice associates for many years the principles of energy medicine. I have tried over time to explain myself as scientifically as possible the energy processes underlying structuring and humanbody function . I also asked what happens scientifically during the energetic-informational transfer between a trained therapist and a recipient of healing through biofield. I wrote several articles and two books where I expressed my views and tried to analyze scientifically the  categories: energy, information, biofield, proximal and distal bioenergetic transfer. I just published a book for energy healing practitioners. The title is Energy Healing Guidebook.

    The practitioners will learn about ways to acquire and use the energy, to test the patient’s energetic receptiveness, the compatibility between the therapist and the patient, to understand the significance of the sensations perceived during one individual’s energetic evaluation. Also, there will be information regarding the finding of energetic malfunctions, the formulation of conventions and mental analogies in the process of energetic and healing transfer, the therapist’s mental training,  the development of the therapeutic abilities, the importance of following the energetic cycles of the internal organs during the therapy sessions, the monitoring of the healing process. The methods and techniques are very practical, the healing sessions are under the therapist’s mental control having as a goal the optimal reorganisation of the affected subtle energetic and physical structures of the human body.  

    Best regards,
    Marius-Mihail Lutia

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