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About Reconnective Healing

I use SwampREconnection as the personal name for my site only to honor my Louisiana roots/connections. Reconnective Healing is often a life-changing experience., utilizing powerful new frequencies to allow for the healing of body, mind,  and spirit, going beyond any technique you’ve ever encountered.

I have been an energetic facilitator since 2005.  The Japanese Paris Reiki Meditation Dojo was begun with my initiative in 2009. In 2010, I received my 2-day personal Reconnection by Dr. Roy Solomon, and shortley thereafter, received my personal training for Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl himself at the New Orleans, La. seminars.  I look forward to sharing this amazing experience and adventure with you as your practitioner.

Permanent change is possible.  Reconnective Healing makes a permanent change possible. It continues to work in you and it is not limited to any particular illness or health problem. Besides being a very high frequency vibration, it is extremely expansive. It goes more directly to the core origin of issues and imbalances rather than using the “onion peeling” method of clearing layers from surface to core. Therefore, in most cases, it seems to work more rapidly and usually requires fewer sessions than other types of healing. Reconnective Healing sessions are a loving way of transmuting that which we need to transmute, and it connects us with the plenitude of the Universe. It allows us to heal the body, emotions, mind, thanks to a band of frequencies that grows stronger with distance and goes on working days and months after the session.

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