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Private Yoga Lessons

Jasmine aims to give more vitality, flexibility and play to you through interactive, gentle and joyful yoga classes, mini couples romantic retreats in the Philadelphia area

Jasmine offers beginner classes that connect you to a place of deep peace that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed at wallet-friendly prices.  She offers partner yoga,  couples yoga classes, gentle yoga for the stiff and inflexible and beginner yoga. People that are interested in Yoga Retreats, Massage for Couples, romantic mini retreats in Philadelphia, creative date ideas or just  people just looking for meaningful, and soulful ways to connect will benefit.

Jasmine also reviews romance products and websites that help you recreate that blissful google-eyed connected feeling like when you first fell in love as well as yoga and spiritual products that help you to access deep inner wisdom inside of yourself.  She blogs about romance and yoga on her blog

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