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Total Mind Body Health & Optimal Wellness

I have been in practice for 16 years and offer mind, body, spirit health and wellness.  Working with the whole person is critical to total health.  I offer many modalities.  Initially I started out my practice as a psychotherapist and nutritionist and after more training in Naturopathy, Energy Medicine and more, I dropped the psych and integrated energy medicine and total body wellness programs which work better for my clients.

Using the CoRe presents an alternative to many of my clients who are not local, and the local clients love it too.  I also do EAV/EDS BioResonance to screen your meridians.  Many things can be screened and balanced to support your body in attaining optimal wellness.  I can screen your supplements against your meridians to see which ones balance, as well as work on many systems of the body.  It also has an emotional balancing program.  The CoRe does similar things, just from a different perspective.

hCG Homeopathic Weight Loss is very popular in my practice.  This program rebalances the hypothalamus so you don’t gain the weight back and it has a detoxification program which is a critical part of it so you do not create more fat to store the unwanted toxins in.  There are two programs; one is a 26 day and the other a 40 day program.  Typically on the 26 day program women are losing 15 lbs.  lt is a very easy and effective program to do.

Saliva Hormone Testing is also very popular.  When you do a blood analysis of hormones you need to know that you are testing bound (used) and unbound (unused – vital) hormones – and in a lab analysis you cannot separate the bound from the unbound.  With the saliva test it is only measuring the unbound hormones so you get an accurate reading of what your hormones are really doing.  The bound are used hormones on their way out of your body – so you do not really know what you are measuring.  Saliva hormone testing is the preferred hormone testing method.   And as importantly, we balance with homeopathics, which include the whole endocrine system.  Homeopathics teach your body to balance its’ own hormones.  With bioidentical you are replacing and shutting down your bodies ability to make its own hormones – not good, and eventually it builds upon itself to create high hormone levels in your body.  Easy and effective – the way to natural hormones.

Heavy Metal & Mineral Hair Analysis.  This is one of my favorite tests.  The report of findings is quite extensive and supports you in defining a program to return you to optimal health.  Heavy metals can interrupt the functionality of the body systems.  Minerals rule – they run over 600 enzyme and cellular energetic functions in the body and most people are deficient.  Minerals rule enzymes and together they support vitamins and the endless functions of the body.

It has taken many years to identify the best nutritional products for my practice.  I also work with you on GenoTyping to provide a guideline for an optimal diet for your type.  Many have lost weight and felt better by simply doing this program.   Each of us is unique and this program provides the foundation to support your health more effectively.

Life Coaching can be a separate program or it can be integrated in with your program.

Initially I email you an intake and two questionnaires to complete and email back.  I have many clients who come into my practice and I have many who work with me via long distance.

How do you get started – just give me a call at 949 218 8788 or check out my website at  I am located in Southern California.

Thanks, Nancey

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