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Wendy Gilbert-Grey

For the past 20 years, Wendy Gilbert-Grey has worked in her business and established Hairstop in 2003.

Soon after establishing Hairstop Ms Gilbert-Grey launched the Bodymechanique Clinic focusing on weight-loss, body treatments for skin tone, body sculpting , contouring and cellulite.

Bodymechanique specializes in the most advanced techniques and technology with tailored treatments and dietary advice. Bodymechanique treats celebrity clients, including supermodel and ‘ Victoria Secrets’, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom and Jessica Marais to name but a few.

Ms. Gilbert-Grey has become an expert in her electrolysis and body treatments techniques. As director of the company, Ms Gilbert-Grey ensures all staff members are updated on new techniques and procedures to remain at the cutting edge of the market. Ms Gilbert-Grey travels internationally to discover and upgrade to the techniques that keep her business a market leader. Ms Gilbert-Grey launched a division of the company, that works with the mind body holistically, using skills as a practitioner of Energy Medicine and Hypnotherapy, NLP trainer, PSYCH-K facilitator and also Touch for Health Kinesiology. Ms Gilbert-Grey teaches clients how to free the mind and become the master of their beliefs, rather than a victim of their consequences.

Ms Gilbert-Grey’s ambition is to empower people to make positive changes to their life and achieve their ultimate goals. She best describes this experience as “my journey through life is to constantly seek new knowledge and share that wisdom to those whom care to grow”.

Her latest endeavours has been in the field of Frequency Healing combined with App development to breach a new frontier in the latest horizons in assisting people reach their highest potential.

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