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Australasian Institute – 1st global CoRe Training institute



Inergetix-CoRe Practitioner Training Workshop

Presented by the Australasian Institute of Health & Healing Pty. Ltd.

The Melbourne workshop was a great success, with positive feedback about the Training and Content of the Course!

 Click on the link below to see a Summary of the testimonials

AIHH Workshop Oct 2011_2

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Workshop testimonial Marjatta Workshop testimonial and also luekimea patient improves after treatment

Core & Workshop Testimonial Wendy Workshop testimonial

Core System Testimonial Dr Dita CoRe treatment testimonial

Core & Workshop Testimonial Rachel Workshop testimonial

Core & Workshop Testimonial Stefan Workshop testimonial

Nigel AIHH Talks about his youny son with  cystic Fibrosis “HIS HEALTH HAS NOW IMPROVED IMMENSLY”   and new baby on its way and treatment with the CoRe for his wife, new baby is healthy !!!!

Workshop Testimonial Dr Dita Workshop testimonial

Workshop Testimonial Jackie Workshop testimonial


We now have the modality of Energetic & Informational Medicine, approved as a modality and also approved by an insurance company  pursuant to the Diploma course

AIHH will be providing the accredited training and the Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine, this is optional for users to do, but is very beneficial for users wanting to become practitioners that do not have another modality to use in conjunction with the CoRe.  Completing this course may also help the practitioners with their insurance, and gain association membership

The workshop training formed a part of the modalities that we need to teach to gain full Diploma status of the course.   The remainder of the course will be delivered next year, in Australia and Europe.

The Australasian Institute of Health & Healing Pty.,Ltd is one of the accredited trainers of the Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine, with the Institute of Energetic & Informational Medicine.

The association the will accept our students when they have completed the Diploma course is the Institute of Energetic & Informational Medicine.


There has been also allot of interest from overseas users, so we are looking at presenting the training in CoRe v6 and the Diploma next year. We are anticipating presenting a Worshop in Europe next year, for Basic Training to Practitioner level and Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine.  This will make it easier for practitioners who are not trained in another modality to obtain insurance


We are preparing to start free Live online training within two weeks, we will notify you of the dates and times.  We will start from the basic training of the CoRe v6 program.  Inergetix provide you with excellent online training with Dr Kiran Schmidt and also Sonia, there are many videos in our archive and also on the youtube and internet……  I will now be teaching FREE weekly live online training.


We are expanding our training to give people greater knowledge and the benefits of the inergetic-CoRe system.  The training we provide is so that you can further your  education in energetic and informational medicine,  Our   Practitioner training workshops, will be delivered personally and also online for those practitioners that can not attend for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses. All training is competency based and hands on as we all work with the program and through the exercises.

We can customise any training you need in any part of the world that you live in, from basic training to practitioner levels

We will be preparing more courses and workshops throughout the year for whomever would like to attend….     The practitioner training in v6 of the Inergetix-CoRe program will be a part of a larger training within the New year… we are also creating workshops and online courses .


Our training manual is designed to take into account every user / purchaser with little or no knowledge and train you to being very competent users and practitioners and being able to create your customised modules and screens.  Contact our office to place your order and check on delivery dates.    Tara Greeen at

Some of the services that we provide are:

  1. We  provide assistant with setting  up your CoRe program and using it effectively for anyone that has purchased a system..
  2. We can help and guide you in adding new resonances, frequencies and screens to your system therefore customising it to enhance your experience with Inergetix-CoRe,  we can also help you with updates
  3. In the past we have prepared programs to assist our clients in many avenues of their lives and also help with agriculture, businesses, animals, plants .. the list is endless…We can also help users create customised modules even if they are not able  to attend a workshop… please book a time with us to help you
  4. We can customise the training you need so just email us your requirements
  5. We also provide practitioner level training for anyone that is using CoRe v5  we can provide this service in person or by webinars

Please feel free to contact our office, our personal assistant,  Tara Green will be more than happy to help you with your enquires and also  Tara will take all the bookings for consultations, courses, private training  and book orders. and also also check out our website and join our newsletter

Tara will also take bookings for any consultations or enquiries that you may want to discuss with me.

We hope that you will join us either in person or online for your training

Warm regards, Katherine and Thomas Tassioulas


Many thanks to Katherine and her assistants for the very helpful and instructional CoRe 6 course held in Melbourne recently.  The course was well planned, professionally run and held at the perfect venue.  The practical exercises gave me a good understanding of the many features new to CoRe 6 and it’s many applications.  While the course was wonderful, the accompanying manual will be a very valuable resource.  The detailed instructions and the screen shots in the manual will help reinforce the content of the course, but would also be a great stand-alone manual for anyone unable to attend a course.  I benefitted immensely from interacting with the other participants who all use the CoRe to enhance their varied healing modalities so using in it in different ways. While sharing their experiences they illuminated the great diversity of this system.

 I have built a relationship with Katherine via the phone since I decided to purchase the system so it was lovely to finally meet her in person.  The support  she has given has been incredible and she genuinely wants everyone to get the most they possibly can out of the Inergetix-CoRe.  It seems like nothing is too much for her, which has definitely made the whole process a lot easier for me.   I look forward to attending any future courses run by Katherine.  Ann Timperley, Albany, Western Australia,

Dear Katherine and Tom,  Many thanks for the opportunity to participate in the CoRe v 6 seminar in Melbourne on 29-30 October 2011!        Your training enhanced my understanding of the CoRe generally and especially  took me to the “depths” of CoRe 6 in a profound way. The theory and  “hands on” approach facilitated the integration of practice and theory in a splendid way. The comprehensive CoRe V 6 Manual and an additional Manual were excellent and easy to follow allowing me to follow the training in an easy manner and later at home to go through particular sections again. Additional support from Caroline and Tracey were excellent and well received.

It was great to be among “like minded” colleagues and share their experiences and wisdom. Working together with CoRe strengthens our connection with each other and all life. Thank you all for allowing me to grow!

The venue was spacious and pleasant allowing each of us enough room for our CoRe equipment and practical work. Venue staff were friendly and helpful creating a wonderful atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Overall I can say that the weekend was a special treat!  With thankful heart,  Marjatta Salonen,  Sydney,  Australia

Dear Katherine,     I just want to thank you for conducting the CoRe version 6 training last weekend.  I would also like to thank Caroline for helping and supporting your teaching.  You make a fabulous team working together.  I hope she can work with you in the future. The training enabled me to become competent at using V6 and you were able to clear up some issues I was struggling with.  I now feel competent to use the system, and combined with the DLE philosophy, I feel I am able to make the shifts for people that I was looking for. The weekend was invaluable.  Thank you very much.         Kindest regards, Lisa Boon.

Thank you Katherine,  You know how hard it was for me, to make the right decision in buying the right healing equipment..      Well my choice could not have been any better.   With all the ongoing professional training and technical and phone support from you and fellow Core users, I have never felt not once in the dark.. Very proud to be a member of this community.. One year on has been amazing journey for me and my friends and family also my clientele I have helped people recover from all different challenges.  With thanks to Kiran and yourself.. For making life a better place..      Sincerely yours,  Wendy Gilbert-Grey

I had the pleasure of attending the my first CoRe v6 workshop, this weekend 29th &30th of Oct 2011.  Inergetix- CoRe v6 Practitioner Training presented by  Australian Institute of Health & Healing P/L.                                                                                                                                                                       Being new to using the CoRe v6 and all it is! has been challenging for me so this workshop has been long awaited for me and so Saturday first day of seminar I was shown an amazing amount of info which was effective and very beneficial in my use of the CoRe v6 Program, The Trainer, Katherine and the facilitator on Saturday Caroline Mills was easy to follow as she took us through all the steps and the pace was comfortable.      Being able to navigate the CoRe v6 program with hands on approach works for me, step by step going through each phase of what the CoRe6 has to offer anchors the procedure effectively.     The group doing the seminar I found amazing, great energy all of them I was very happy to be one of them.     Being able to meet the other CoRe users and find out some amazing things they are working with expanded the whole weekend for me this was a bonus.   Julie Sutton,  Spirit of Renaissance, Energy Consultant, Body/Mind & Informational Therapy. Melbourne Australia.

Hi Katherine,  I just wanted to send you a quick mail to thank you and Tom for putting together the seminar.  It is fantastic that you decided to do all this work. I think we all appreciated it.  I have been using the CoRe for a while. But coming on the weekend taught me all these things I have never used, because I never got around to find out myself. So I am very grateful for all your work and the people who helped you. I am looking forward to the web-inars. Kind regards Monika Thanks again, was lots of fun.

We would like to express our most humble thanks to Katherine who has gone above and beyond her role as a distributor to being a facilitator and educator of all who purchase a system through her.  The CoRe Inergetix system contains so much potential to aid humanity and it is the responsibility of all who purchase it to become as proficient as possible in its use.  Without Katherine’s brilliant mind and generous heart, our ability to achieve the excellence required to help people in chronic and debilitating situations would have been a long and drawn – out journey.  Her knowledge is impeccable and enables truly amazing clinical results.  So Katherine, here is to many fulfilling years of ahead of working with people on their journey to true health–Salute!  Rachel (Chiropractor / Kinesiologist) and Stefan Presetti (Reiki Master)                      Paradigm Health Group   Canberra: 0403 884 077 (02) 6162 4102 (Vitality Centre)

Dear Dr Katherine Tassioulas.   I want to thank you again for your willingness and support in putting the Core6 program on my computer ,just prior to the Inergetix Core Practitioner Training.     I know you must have numerous things to attend to at this time just a week away from the Training,    I appreciate your generosity, with your time and Knowledge.    I feel ready now,I am looking forward to the weekend and learning more about what the Core6 is about.  Kind Regards   Julie Sutton Spirit of Renaissance  Energy Body/Mind Consultant

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