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Alternative Energy Practitioner

I do specialise in healing trauma with my main focus PTSD and drug rehabilitation. I use a multidimensional approach as I have found that different modalities can bring forth the desired results and support the healing process from a much broader base. The results  are much quicker, more efficient and also less intrusive. The most used and preferred modalities are Core, Base 44 and Faster EFT. In most cases the physical healing and analysis is being done with CoRe and Base44, whilst the emotional aspects are handled with Faster EFT.

In the  Agricultural field, the most important modality I use is CoRe for analizing soil and also to treat various health conditions in animals. The most trusted device still around for pest control every where, is the Hieronymus box, once you have learned how to operate it. It works well if used with Cosmic Pipes and the use of  Biodynamic preparations will change both the methods and cost of farming drastically in the future. Within the realm of alternative energy practices becoming a more accepted way of doing things, we are standing again at the beginning of a era where the technological advances in the field of quantum energy, will become a standard practice in every household around the globe by 2020.

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