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Toni Fisher – Testimonials

Testimonial for CoRe Inergetix session


July 24, 2010. First Session. Presenting problem: Feeling stuck in career and relationships. Severe pain in knees.

Hi Toni. Just to let you know I was very happy with the session last Saturday.  There was definitely some shifts.  My knees don’t hurt and I’d just done a 15km run before the session and was already in a lot of pain. We just put an offer on a small unit in Perth and I have applied for a job in Perth (doing something I always wanted to do).  The guy wants to meet with me asap to  do an interview.  I’ve been reluctant to look for a new job mainly out of fear but now I feel good about it.  Things are changing for the better I think. Also I am finding that people want to say hello and talk to me, random people who I don’t know.  I don’t mind that just not used to it. (S.C of Perth)

August 20, 2010. Second session.  Presenting problem: I would like further improvement in my knees. (Degree out of pain from 8/10 now 4/10).
I would also like to find a more permanent position in a niche area of engineering based in the Perth Central Business District. I also want to feel more connected with others.

Comments two weeks later: I have been offered a second interview this week. I think they are going to give me an offer but there is a question of money. The first Interview went really well-it is the most ideal job for me. Its just been going so quick. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. We are settled into Perth now and the unit settles next week. I love the area-it reminds me of my childhood. It feels like a real ‘coming home.’ I’ve been away for 20 years.

I did the 21 km fun run last Sunday and my knees didn’t worry me anymore. The pain got down to 1/10. I’ve opened up to a lot more people-its taken a load off me. I used to bottle it up.

September 4, 2010. Presenting problem: Now that we are moving I’m concerned about finding a new home for our cat. I am anxious that I will not be offered enough money for my new position and if not, will I be confident enough to ask for more.

September 22, 2010. Comments: I got the job I wanted and I was even offered the extra pay I wanted without haggling-and all in cash, not just benefits like my last job.

The unit has been settled. We have found a loving home for our cat. They have put me into just about the top position. This just feels perfect actually.


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