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Wellness Consultations with Jay Gilbert N.D.    

 The path to Wellness can be a daunting journey. With proper guidance, effort and patience, an individual can realize optimum health benefits with pure, alkaline drinking water, nutritional modifications, exercise, and natural remedies. Because some conditions may have been accruing for years, the process can take time, dedication and commitment to reverse.  Much like peeling an onion, to reverse the accumulative damage one has unknowingly achieved, can be quite involved.  Healing, by the tenets of Homeopathy, takes place from the top, down, from the inside, out and in the reverse order that one acquired the dis-ease.  So, as the peeling of the onion must be done one layer at a time, so it is with natural healing.  This is where the CoRe Inergetix system comes into play.  With this computerized analysis program, it can be determined which are the most important, prevalent issues that you are faced with at the present time.  This gives us direction on what you are most in need of addressing at any given time. When one layer of the proverbial onion has been peeled away, the next most pressing issue will then surface to be dealt with.  This is also why one of the main therapeutic modalities I recommend is the Univera line, beginning with their flagship products Xtra or Xperia Concentrate.  These two products are formulated to give your body all of the fundamental constituents necessary to assist in the daily cellular renewal of over 200 billion cells.  If these new cells have the proper nutrients to be better than the cells that they are replacing, then it only stands to reason that your body will be able to reverse the results of those years of poor diet, excess stress, lack of exercise and dis-ease, that much quicker and more efficiently.  All dis-ease begins at the cellular level initially, so if you can rejuvenate your cellular health, it will directly influence your overall well-being.  When your body-mind system is repairing itself from the cellular level, we can then concentrate more comprehensively on your immediate healing needs.  All of the Univera product line has been integrated into my CoRe Inergetix system so that during analysis we can see which are best for you at that time.  I truly hope that I may be of assistance in your journey towards optimal health!

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