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Dr. Homer Lim

Dr. Homer Lim is a UST medical graduate, with training in both conventional and complementary medicine. Prior to starting his practice of  integrative medicine, he was involved in medical research writing and statistical analysis. He then pursued his specialty training in geriatrics here in the Philippines. Afterwards, he underwent training in integrative medicine and spa therapies in Thailand for 2 years.

Coming back from Thailand, realizing the importance of energy healing in medicine, he furthered his knowledge by learning different healing modalities such as Access, Reiki, Quantum Touch and Body Talk. Presently, he is seeing patients with chronic debilitating conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s and cancer. He is also involved with children with ADHD and Autism. Occasionally, he lectures to medical students of UP College of Manila as well as post-graduate courses in UP Manila about energy medicine. At present, he is also the medical director of  Cancer Center Philippines, and a medical consultant of The Farm at San Benito, the Best Asian Medical Retreat Center in Asia.

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  • Janice

    Dr. Homer – I have crossed paths with a lady that you are treating in the United States for brain cancer.  She said I should contact you.  I have parasites – roundworm, hookworm but most importantly tapeworms in the brain.  I have had several brain MRI’s in the past 1 1/2 years and there are numerous spots that have shown up.  Most regular doctors here in the US don’t believe they are tapeworms.  Alternative Medicine doctors have told me they are tapeworms.  I have been treated with every drug that is offered here in the US as well as herbal medication and am using Hyrdogen Proxide IV’s.  Nothing is working.  I have severe neurological problems such as vision loss, dizziness, periods where I have blacked out, mental confusion, loss of balance, pain in my head and ear.  As well as digestive issues with my gall bladder, stomach, intestines. The list goes on and on.  I am in a critical state is there anything you could do to help me??  I am desperate.  I have been taking medication on a regular basis for 6 months and am not improving, only getting worse as the days pass.  I can provide you with more detailed information as well as my MRI films.  Anything you can do would be deeply appreciated.  Thank you.

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