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FRITS van BUIJSEN, Inergetix- CoRe, homeopathy and bioresonance

In my practice in Hoogland, Netherlands  I am working with Inergetix-CoRe since 2005.

Starting as a general practitionner in 1974 I began to study and use homeopathy in 1986.

Since then there is a development in my work with bioresonance and now the CoRe-system.

When working with CoRe it is my intention to bring people on a   better functioning level, with more awareness

and understanding of their possibilities and problems.

In the treatment many complaints dissolve coincidental.

In my practice I treat many babies and young children. The analysis of CoRe is in this age an amazing tool.

The last two years I work exclusively with CoRe, make about 30-40 analyses daily and enjoying every day.

Since october 2011 I work with the Bio-LaesEr, a energetic device, that works with Eigen-resonances.

With the Bio-LaesEr you have a “dialogue with yourself”.





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