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Hypnosis & Longevity Center Services

The  Hypnosis &  Longevity  Center offers:

Stop Smoking and Using  Tobacco Products

Reach and Maintain your Ideal  Body  Weight

Reduce  and  Manage  Your  Stress

Balance  Body  Minerals

Iodine  Spot  Test

Measure  Body  Voltage  ( ElectroDermal  Screening )

Measure  Phase  Angle,  Body  Fat,  Lean  Muscle,  Intercellular  Fluid and  Extracellular  Fluids

Electrical  Assisted  Massage  for  Facials,  Arms,  Legs  and  Breasts

ph  Measurements

Oxygen  Levels

Carbon  Monoxide  Levels

Herbal  Remedies

Thyroid  Infra-Red  Temperature  Scan

Lung  Function  Studies

Lung  Age

Hydration  Levels

Asthma &  Chronic  Obstructive  Lung  Disease  Education

Respiratory  Care  Home  Visits  (with physician order)

Breathing  Exercises

Emotional   Freedom  Techniques

Spiritual  Healing

Assist   in  Pain  Management

Disease  Management  Education

Assist  with  Sleep  Apnea

Assist  with  Post  Prostrate  Counseling

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