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At Sage House we provide the full range of services using CORE Inergetix including sound, light, colour, information balancing and energy therapies.  Coming soon is the LaesEr Biofeedback system.

For those unable to travel or are just too far away we offer a distant healing service where your personal program is updated every three weeks. With each update you will receive an email notification including either a suggested activity to do, picture to observe, or a quote to ponder.  Also adding to this by the end of June it is expected that we will have the software so that you will be able to have an energetic experience plan available for you to use at home as often as you require for a one time charge.

Our clinic is located in Sydney and we ask that your first contact please be via email. Your first visit includes all evaluations necessary and your first Informational/Energetic experience as well as a distant healing program for one month.  A follow-up Informational/Energetic experience in the clinic is available for a flat per minute rate as often as you require it.

Assistance for CORE Inergetix users is available for $50 per hour.  I can help with system updates, guide you in adding new resonances to your system, assist you with customizing your system to enhance your experience using CORE Inergetix.

How CORE Inergetix can help both clients and practitioners is only limited by the imagination and the ability to think outside the square of both the client and the practitioner.

Previous clients have asked me to prepare program’s to assist with study for high school exams, heal pruning wounds on trees, cleanse living spaces, nurture, support, motivate, care for themselves, animals, plants, businesses, and or activities.

For further information about the wonders of CORE Inergetix please visit the users forum or the website.


Before contacting us please refer to the Informed Consent document on this website.   This is not a medical practice. For all medical conditions please consult your registered medical practitioner. All work undertaken at Sage House is performed on the Spiritual and Astral levels.

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