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Rosemary Mountford Naturopath-Herbalist-Nutritionist CBP

Energetic Essence  –  Rosemary Mountford  –  (61) 0419 112 529 

  Naturopath  –  Herbalist  –  Nutritionist  –  Iridologist  –  Medical Intuitive  –  Distance Healing  –  Certified Teacher Australian Bush Flower Essence  – 

CBP,  Breakthrough and Parama Bodytalk         

Rosemary has been working in Energetic Healing for many years.        Working with energetic healing has brought her to the CoRe system.  Blending the studies of natural medicine and the technology of the CoRe is bringing amazing results to her clients.        

Rosemary works with appointments in person, remote and Skype sessions.  All equal in the experience and results that are delivered.  Distance is not a block to the journey of changing your future.  If you are reading this your journey has brought you here for a reason so contact me and find how I may assist you in your journey.

Energetic Essence

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