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Glenn Yoshimoto ~ Integrating Healing Modalities

Glenn Yoshimoto: BS Engineering, CoRe Inergetix Practitioner, Yuen Method, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neurolinquistic Programming, Synergia Healing Arts, Matrix Energetics and VortexHealing

I have always been attracted to systems approaches and have pursued alternative studies in the same way. I started studying spiritual development, cognitive studies and alternative health in 1975. I have learned meditation, Neurolinquistic Programming (NLP), Tai Chi, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Synergia Healing Arts , Matrix Energetics, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and VortexHealing®.  I have a large library of books covering anatomy, nutrition, body work/therapies, energy medicine, magnetic healing and therapy,  law of attraction, Zen, quantum physics, ascension and eastern and western mysticism/magick that has added to my knowledge.

I believe that consciousness and thought manifests life as we experience it. We have to discover ways of thinking and being that guide us to perfect health.

Most recently over the last 4 years, I have been studying and practicing the energetic (informational) healing modalities. They are all effective techniques that work with some degree of success. I have been searching for a way to synthesize these and other modalities so that we can work more completely and more effectively in stimulating our spirit, mind and bodies to heal.  These techniques can be applied to anything that exists.

Our consciousness has an amazing ability to tap into the informational realm.

Informational transformation can be defined as the science or art of how to access the informational state of living and non-living forms, to facilitate changes to the flow of information and to the informational states and through this play shift reality.  This process assumes the existence of an underlying informational field that is the blueprint of our universe as we know it.

I am familiar with a few very effective healing modalities that are similar and involve searching over large informational taxonomies (body, mind, spiritual and cultural, for example), finding strength/weaknesses (using intuition, dowsing or muscle testing) and correcting any weakness to shift the client to a better state.  CoRe is wonderful for organizing information about these modalities and simplifying their practice.  I have developed enough trays that I am excited about their potential.  I started with Synergia Healing Arts (Level 1) because of its extensive taxonomy and other of the healing modalities that I know.  I also have developed trays for the Healers Who Share Quantum Formulas (an extensive collection of over 3200 remedies developed by David Alan Slater who worked with the legendary Hanna Kroeger for seven years prior to her passing).  I am also interested in using images and sound to stimulate our healing response so I have experimented with these in CoRe as well.  I use these tray as well as all of the basic CoRe trays in my practice.  I am always in the process of expanding my remedy trays as well.   I have great interest in applying thought and consciousness to manifest reality and spiritual development so much of my new work in oriented towards supporting this idea.

I have had a CoRe S2 System since June 2007 and have been actively using and customizing it, but my level of commitment to my CoRe practice and tray development was reinvigorated with the release of v5.0 which I love!  I also decided to make CoRe my primary practice so I am now completely committed to my work here.

Background: Glenn Yoshimoto is a retired aerospace engineer having had a long varied career since 1960 as a rocket systems engineer, systems engineer, systems studies and advanced software research and applications. His last assignment (from 1983 to 1998) was research, applications and training in Artificial Intelligence technologies. He did research and applications using software languages that are based on cognitive models and developed techniques for acquiring and representing expert knowledge.


Glenn Yoshimoto
Tel: (408) 354-4528 (leave message) (my Playing with Reality BLOG) (my passionate hobby for many years)

1 comment to Glenn Yoshimoto ~ Integrating Healing Modalities

  • Rose Marcus

    Do you think that Parkinson’s disease can be caused from parasites?  My husband was around cats during childhood and for 12 years when we owned a cat.  He is 62 and was diagnosed with PD 1 1/2 years ago.  Has had the silver amalgams and metal crowns replaced with zirconia, a non-metal material in Feb. 2012.  Has been on the NDF detox drops off and on for almost 2 years.  Is seeing a Chinese medical doctor and was prescribed plumbum 30x once daily and apple pectin capsules to help with the detox.  Have stopped the NDF detox drops for several weeks because he wasn’t feeling well.
    I believe he can recover from this.  Do you think you can help him or know someone who can.  We are retired seniors and living on a tight budget but I want to help him recover from this.  Thanks for your time and input.
    Rose Marcus

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