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Modern medicine has arrived at a dead end. Costs are rising and healing is replaced by palliation in most cases. There are three main reasons : first medicine is driven by the wrong ideas about the nature of disease, second medical industry is set up in a way that profits more from people staying sick rather than becoming healthy and thirdly particularly in USA medical costs are staggering as too many lawyers are making a business on suing practitioners which in term drives up insurance cost for practitioners that they have to add to their fees in turn.

Therefore we have to ask your attention when you read this “informed consent” document that we require you to sign only when you have fully understood the new approach that we make the basis of this consultation.

  1. Medicine has long enough cultivated a authoritarian relationship between practitioner and client in which the client had little to decide in the direction the treatment did take. We want you to understand and agree that you are equally responsible in your role as client. If you do not feel comfortable with any steps taken or suggested, anything said or done to you be aware that you bring this to the attention of the therapist right at the moment it occurs. Inactivity on your part is considered as your fault as well.
  2. Informational Medicine is the modality that you herewith accept as the form of treatment. Informational modalities are CoRe therapy, Homeopathy, EFT, intuitional healing, Reiki, Touch for Health, NAET, Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations, Medical Dowsing, Kinesology, New Homeopathy according to Koerbler, Meta Medicine, Bioresonance, Biofeedback, EMDR, Biogeometry, Radionics, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Aromatherapy, Anthroposophic, Attachment therapy, Alchemy, Bates method, Medical Quigong, Eden method ™, WISE method, Floatation therapy, Iridology, Bach Flower Therapy, Rebirthing, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Visualization . All of them have in common that they address the informational control mechanism. This means that you and your therapist agree that this treatment is not addressing physical issues like biochemical, tissue, cellular or energetic ones.
  3. You understand and agree that therefore the practitioner can only address informational and spiritual issues with his therapy. These interventions very often have side effects, beneficial or otherwise, on physical complaints you might have. However and from a legal point of view it is very important that we all agree that : “Any such side-effects are purely coincidental as we agree with the majority of scientists today that all the above informational modalities cannot have any causally connected physical effects”. All such effects are purely placebo and mind induced and can neither be expected nor intended.
  4. This therapy is based on the premises, to which you agree, that disease is not a faulty operation that has to be fixed and removed by the therapist but in all cases has a function and can and will only disappear if its function is achieved. Therefore you accept that this therapy is of an educational nature. Most of the time sickness wants to trigger a change in your life either of an emotional, lifestyle or spiritual nature. Therefore this therapy is intended to educate, in order to make the necessary changes more evident and accessible BUT NOT to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease as this is not our intent (our legal system forces us to state it like that and to abide by it)
  5. From the stand point of informational modalities, to which we need you to consent, our work is not to diagnose the cause for any physical disease as we take disease as a generic indicator that change is necessary on an informational or spiritual level. From this point of view disease names are meaningless as any such disease has no direct relationship with the informational disturbances that are the concern for this modality. Please understand that if disease names are discussed it is of no consequence for the steps taken or the results intended as informational modalities are not built to remove disease but to find and address the messages that they carry.
  6. Particularly if you have any signs or knowledge of any disease do not expect that this practitioner will work on the removal of disease or even is able to recognize it and you understand that it is not even his intention. Informational modalities work on the level of the control mechanism of life and changes programming that could possibly have caused the physical dysfunction. Informational modalities can be compared with the legislative that changes laws and rules but they still need an executive, a police, a military to get things under control if previous regulations were not sufficient to avoid problems. Modern medicine has this role of executive to force processes back into order or to disable invaders like parasites that both indicate inappropriate regulative programs.
  7. If any energetic modality like light, sound, music, color, magnetism, touch, electricity or of another electromagnetic nature are applied you understand and agree that the intensities are so low compared to other energies in our environment like sunlight or radio-communication that they cannot have any primary affect other than mere sensibility. They are exclusively intended as neutral carrier of information which in turn is used to access the program level rather than change physical symptoms. If for any reason you are especially sensitive to any of these energies or you are uncertain of any please get a second opinion first before adding any energetic carrier to informational modalities.
  8. It is not promoted to discuss evaluation results in any informational modality as that only leads either to an increase of informational barriers or a solidification of blame and explain models that actually need to be changed or dissolved. If disease names, supplements, toxins, or other disease causes or remedies are coming up in evaluation they have to be understood only as informational pointers and triggers for change rather than actual. Informational evaluation results are symbolic in nature, they are not able or intended to replace clinical lab testing or pathological findings. Any substance or issue coming up means not that you have them or will have them, they are symbolic of your condition and need for interpretation the trained understanding of an informational practitioner. CoRe uses the matrix representation of these symbols to initiate changes in the informational matrix of a client that will enable to understand the reasons that have lead to his present conditions and make more informed choices in the future.

To summarize (please confirm with a check mark) :

  • You understand and accept that you take full responsibility for all therapy steps taken and voice any dis-consent right at the moment they are taken
  • informational modalities are not intended to replace any conventional, physical, biochemical or energetic intervention therefore please understand and agree that you discontinue or avoid any of this form of treatment it is exclusively your decision, we do not recommend or promote such a step
  • Informational modalities are not intended to cure any disease and if disease names are discussed it is only understood as background information
  • Exclusively informational and/ or spiritual changes are purpose of this kind of therapy, if energetic modalities are included they are minute in intensity and meant as information carriers only
  • Physical changes or sensations that occur with the therapy can only be understood as coincidental and neither intended or expected
  • You and the therapist agree that you will keep the information you entrust to each other strictly confidential
  • You understand and agree that this kind of human interaction is based on complete confidence and trust in each other’s good intention, you and your therapist intend only to increase each other’s well being

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