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Listing in this Forum will secure your top listing in Google – free of charge

Somebody just alerted me that Google upgraded this Forum to be listed on the top of the first search page – and this not only for one search term but for almost anything that relates to the new forms of medicine

just like WIKIPEDIA is listed by them on top of most other searches

No matter if you do a search for a ORGANIZATION, a ASSOCIATION, a UNIVERSITY

for ” Informational medicine”



for “energy medicine”


for “quantum medicine”


and this for any country that I tested


And all this is free for all – you personally will be listed on Google if you create your expert page on this site which takes only a few minutes

BEST OF ALL it is not even limited to CoRe practitioner but open to anyone who wants to advertise his services (not products)

“All beginning has power and magic in it – so do it now”



PS: All this success of course creates a lot of jealousy and wall building – I just go this letter from a CoRe practitioner in Norway

Dear Kiran,
I am sorry to bother you with this, but I have just been refused to become a member of the Norwegian quantum medicine organization for practitioners. They say that CoRe inergetix does not qualify as a quantum medical machine. One of the reasons is that they cannot see that CoRe increase the energy of the orbit in the molecule. I do not understand this as CoRe has an energy medicine module too! What do you think?
Regards,Lene Løvdahl,

and then when I asked her to ask them who or how somebody has measured that a quantum device has changed the “ORBIT IN A MOLECULE”  and what they think a quantum device is and why they believe CoRe is not they answered:


The way to measure the energy in the orbital of the molecule is through color spectrography.
Why CoRe does not qualify as a quantum machine is because it contains two things:-A random number generator which is defined as informational medicine.-A frequency generator that equals Rife devices and different zappers which is equal to frequency medicine.
The conclusion is that CoRe is a informational and frequency device and not a quantum device according to our definition(that the device has to increase the energy of the orbital of the molecule).
But we do see that CoRe is very similar to quantum medicine.
Regards, XXXX


I wrote this e-mail to ANITA :

Hello Anita

I got this forwarded from Lene
and I wanted to know which

1. devices you qualify because they do
“increase the energy in the orbital of the molecule”

2. who has measured this with which kind of spectrometers ?

I have invented several spectrometers and was the founder of
but I have never heard of such kind of research or even the possibility to measure it in living cells
hope you take the time to answer

Here is their web address:

BUT OF CCOURSE DID NOT GET ANY ANSWER  – they want to fool people and get their money and they do not care that they have to fool themselves first


This is the kind of people that up-hold the latest Quantum-Religion, founded by Bill Nelson – do not even know the difference between a Color-Specrometer and a Black-and-White Spectrometer nor do they have any clue how they would measure orbital changes of electrons in living beings. All quantum organizations,  are the pseudo-science -make-believe – attempt of a dying QXCI/ SCIO Religion. Still even they are welcome to make their listing on this site – free of charge.



2 comments to Listing in this Forum will secure your top listing in Google – free of charge

  • David B. Monier-Williams

    Many years ago I had the misfortune of meeting bill Nelson in Florida. Using his Xerroid device he tested me and while he was testing me made the comment, “possible cancer,” and continued testing. Now, what kind of person would make such a comment without stopping and explaining further? What kind of instant effect do you think it had n me at the time?
    Now, he’s living in Budapest as he can’t return to the US as he would be subject to arrest by the Federal Government. His true personality has emerged, a cross dresser, as one can easily see by his/her photos in ads I saw myself last time I was in Budapest.
    I’m also acquainted with a person who used to work on the development of the original Xerroid instrument. His own comment to me was it was complete nonsense.
    Lene, I wouldn’t be concerned about being denied membership. I’d be relived. the CoRe system is way ahead of the curve.

  • We have a great debate in the United States regarding healthcare and how it is paid for. Our standard of living and politics has produced a very debatable system and it is not working very well. Yes, we have tremendous scientific research programs that feed the diagnostic electronics and pharmaceutical industries but our population continues toward obesity and chronic illness. The U.S. healthcare model is dependent on the insurance industry which pays their executives huge salaries and attempts to minimize spending for healthcare. It is a multi-trillion dollar industry which rewards creating and maintaining illness.
    What are the condition in your country? How well are alternative and complementary practices accepted? Who pays for them?
    Do you believe we can create a Wellness Assurance Industry in your country which provides lifestyle services that ensure wellness in abeyance of chronic illness and sustainably pays for healthcare in the case of unavoidable issues such as accidents, exposure, defects, and such? If so, what would that look like if it were in successful operation? From cradle to grave, what would be the protocol for assessing, obtaining, and maintaining high levels of public health? Should this be part of a national program for a healthy society? Can it be done profitably and independently of government?
    If intent is truly the dynamic underpinning of health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit, then don’t we need to clarify and bring focus to nationally held intentions for the health and wellness of our populations as a whole? The alternative is not to have no intention, worse, it is to intend to not have the intention, in which case ~ WHY?
    I offer the above to stimulate discussion and weaken the mental mesh that holds back the avalanche of change and new possibilities.

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