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Kiran Schmidt – my concept of health and disease




What does it mean to “Know Yourself” – for sure and foremost it means “To sense your Self”

and the lack of Sense-of-self is to me the main cause for disease


…. and what fuels my life to not run out of DLE and inspiration

6 comments to Kiran Schmidt – my concept of health and disease

  • Tino

    Dear Kiran, I live a similar life now for more then 8 years and understand you very well when you are saying you would live without a fix adress, without your own car, travelling all time, me too I have not my own bed, my own car, and no adress … it gives so much DLE. It changed my view on life and I see so much people being stuck in their life, depending on homes, on habits, … which they can´t leave because they don´t want to face the unknown. But we have to be aware that also in a life with so much DLE we can create habits like I did. To wake up always the same time, or to eat always the same food. Or in your case to wear always only white clothes or when you say “all my life I will talk about the DLE”. I want to say we always have to pay attention not to get stuck in something. It seems that something wants to push us to habits and we always have to use some power or mayby calling it awarenes to remain in the DLE. All the best from Spain !
    P.S.: You are talking so much about the LAESER and little about the CoRe … Did the LAESER now substitute the CoRe ? …

    Kiran’s comment :

    You misunderstand the concept of DLE – it does not mean to “not have habits” – it means to have both polarities “habits and impulses to break out of habits” – DLE does not mean to lead the life of an unproductive, irresponsible homeless person – it means to have in every area both impulses alternating. DLE does not mean to not have a center of gravity – on the contrary it means that you even develop something that you can and will always to come back to – the spiritual root of life – the purpose of life – your vision and mission – sorry you did not get it.
    yes I talk much about the LaesEr because I am seeing great results and I am happy that we now have something that can be used in a very simple way and because it manifests the principle of my vision of life “to realize your Self” in a sensible way – the LaesEr is designed to complement the other parts of the CoRe system – but I talked much about the software part – now I focus on the LaesEr – also this will change again DLE – I am writing at 3 am – just before going to the beach

  • René

    Graetings my Big Brother

  • Dear Kiran
    I was once with you in a Congress in Lisbon in 2012 but I have the Core System since 2008, THANK YOU for having created this Special TOOL, it’s a GIFT. 
    I cann’t imagine my days without it.

  • Ammar Agha

    Dear Kiran,
    What do you mean when you say:  the lack of Sense-of-self is to me the main cause for disease

    • webdesigner

      If you are not connected to your Self, if you do not feel your body, if you do not like your appearance or something else of yourself

      if you hold yourself instead at a cigarette, your social status, the designer cloth you wear, the money that you own a.s.o. you will not

      have a natural Sense-of-Self but an artificial replacement instead. This is not only an obstacle for spiritual growth but also for

      true inner security and health – it is the reason for disease

      The CoRe system as well as all other true healing methods do and need to address this issue in the first place

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