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Damir Kljako, a master in alternative medicine, Bioenergy therapist, Reiki master, radiesthesy therapist, FIDE master.

Already 19 years I’m following my life call – healing people from various diseases such as migraines, allergies, cists, tumours, heart problems and many others.

There are too many stories from my 19 yearlong practices… It is ungrateful to brag about successes therefore I will say this: “With my healing techniques and the energy I invested in those who gave me their confidence I have NEVER aggravate a disease or health profile. I do not promise miracles, but experience has shown that I have healed many people who were not helped by other methods”


Infertility is not always a medical problem. Frequent causes of inexplicable infertility are energetic polarities with couples – it is easier to imagine them as electrical circuits. What happens is that sometimes a male person has a female electrical circuit and in a relationship with a woman who also has a female electrical circuit there can be no conception as their polarities are repelling each other. Of course, the same problem occurs when a female person has a male electrical circuit. This falls within the area of alternative medicine because doctors do not deal with bioenergy and cannot see or measure such disorders in the energetic field. I have observed this problem in alternative medicine for 19 years and energetic fields are my speciality. With a simple change of polarities with one partner I can very quickly enable the conception.
It is a technique of “changing the electrical circuit” – a quick, painless and efficient method of enabling the couple to conceive. My method, by which I am unique in this region, has in experience proven to be very successful and in this way I have enabled more than a hundred couples to conceive in Croatia and a Slovenia in the past 19 years. A change of electrical circuits leads to pregnancy within a year, often after the first menstrual cycle. Couples interested in treating inexplicable infertility by method of changing the electrical circuit can make an appointment by phone or e-mail. It is necessary to book the appointment for one personal visit or distance therapy. For making a distance therapy appointment it is necessary to include the first and last name of your partner, your dates of birth, include a picture in which your eyes are clearly visible.
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