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Fortunately, today one can talk openly about bioenergetic medicine without the former confrontation from under-informed alarmists, a welcome development. Furthermore, other alternative health subjects such as Reiki, Prana healing etc. have also gained an acceptance from a wider public. These and other alternative health therapies previously banned, have likewise contributed to a better understanding, even a wider vision and definition of health.

Bioenergetic medicine is a concise and repeatable method referable in many aspects to standard medical applications and devices. It is located so to speak, between ancient philosophy and modern technical instrumentation, yet with a preponderance of systematic medical action. A very strong accomplishment of bioenergetic medicine is that erroneous and doubtful diagnoses can be minimized to a very small fraction by efficient cross-checking and reaffirming.

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Bruno Loureiro – Terapeuta Medicina Informacional – Sistema CoRe

Espaço dedicado à Medicina Informacional e Medicina Tradicional Chinesa

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Terapeuta – Bruno Loureiro

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Tlm – 93 8180808


RUA 22 Nº 481

4500 Espinho, Portugal

Ada Porat, Kinesiologist & Life Coach, Stillpoint Holistic Services

Integrative Body/Mind/Spirit approach resulting in rapid transformation.


Ph.D. in pastoral counseling; M.A. in individual and organizational development; certified Life Balance Coach; internationally certified in Behavioral Kinesiology & Touch For Health; certified Vibrational Healer/Instructor; certified Matrix Energetics practitioner; Energy Medicine & Informational Medicine Practitioner; Usui Reiki & Karuna Master; ordained non-denominational minister.


I recognize that you are a spiritual being living in a physical body. As such, your body, mind, and emotions provide us with valuable clues about what is happening at various levels of your life. In our work together, we address issues at all levels of being – body, mind & spirit – for profound shifts & lasting transformation.

Experience has taught me that there is no “one size fits all” approach in working with people. Each person is unique, & their unique need for support can best be met by combining proven techniques from various disciplines into an integrative treatment protocol.

This integrative approach to personal growth offers clients the best of both worlds: As a life coach I draw on appropriate vibrational healing skills to clear core limitations at the cellular level so clients can get unstuck; as a vibrational practitioner I integrate life coaching skills into the healing practice to help clients move forward with confidence. This approach offers clients significant, measurable results.

This integrative approach to personal growth is also very effective: In working with thousands of clients, most have found permanent relief from long-standing issues or experienced life-changing breakthroughs after only five or six sessions; others experienced transformative shifts after the first session already.

My work invites the presence of Higher wisdom into the process to facilitate profound shifts in consciousness. My passion is to help you rediscover your true potential by clearing away that which obscures the essence of your true magnificence, so you can live the life you were meant to live!


“I went to Ada with a variety of challenges that involved constant depression, anxiety & being stuck in my life. Through just a few sessions, I was able to take some monumental steps to transform my life & rid myself of numerous negative emotions that I have had for years. Her significant insights & the depth of her treatment modalities have made a measurable impact in allowing me to live my life with increasing levels of awareness & effectiveness. I have found Ada to be a highly competent, results-oriented coach & healer with a great deal of integrity. She will go out of her way to help others & I strongly recommend her services to anyone that wants to enhance & expand their life. It is impossible to fully put into words, all that she has done for me.” – William M., Arizona

“I was diagnosed with a torn & detached retina by a doctor who is a retina specialist. He said that I needed surgery right away & wanted to operate that same day. Instead, I decided to go to Ada for energy healing first. After she worked on the eye, she suggested that I get a second opinion to determine the condition of my eye. I got a second opinion with another retina specialist & after a thorough exam, he found that my eye had completely healed!” – Ruth K., Arizona

“I cannot express the joy & comfort that one feels after a session with you. Thank you, dear one, for your wonderful gifts.” – Felicia C., California

“I want to make sure you know just how much you helped me shift… my life feels totally different. I am absolutely in awe at how beautiful & easy life can be.  Everything is flowing & things manifest all around me in a way that I would have never imagined possible. For me it was a dramatically consciousness expanding experience.” – Petra T., Cape Town


Appointments are available in person and by phone or Skype worldwide.

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Tel:     (928) 251-0455  9 AM – 6 PM Mountain Standard Time.

Windsor East; Randburg; South Africa information energy medicine

Reach your potential. Heal your traumas in minimum time; approximately with in 3 weekly consultations a subtle difference will be felt. Some traumas are not accessible to psychoanalysis as they could have happened before birth; for example an expecting mom could have slipped in the mud on a rainy day. At our rooms we offer Touch Healing; Intuitive Healing; Hypnosis; Counselling; Spiritual Health Coaching, full hydro body massage; reflexology; a few minutes on a passive exerciser; stationary biking; valuation, treatment and balancing with the Informational Medicine modality using the Inergetix-Core system, with out touching you. We believe every individual carries the same breath of God, regardles of whether S/He is called Jehovah; Allah; the Absolute; the Divine; Nkulunkulu; Thixo; Krishna etc. etc. Our spiritual approach has nothing to do with your beliefs or lack of. We have no intention to convert anyone. We therefore just try to heal the spiritual part of the being, not the disease, as a result the body gets strenthenged and heals itself. It really is a sort of old and ancient wisdom meeting new technology. When you visit an Acupuncturist you are not expected to believe in the religion of the practitioner, though it is generally recognised as a Chinese ancient way of healing. We are based in South Africa, Randburg, Windsor East. We do travel to the Eastern Cape and kwa Venda whilst there are presently no Inergetix-Core practitioners in the areas. Book early for a consultation via our email and to request a free demonstration too.

Dr. James Weaver CCEP, DC (Quantum E Healing)

Hello, My name is Dr. James Weaver CCEP, DC..  I am a Doctor of Chiropractic from the USA ….and ran a highly successful practice in the United States…but decided to migrate to the Philippines….not only for the warm weather ……but also to a country that  supports the  practicing alternative medicine (PITAHC  Republic Act No. 8423). I love the USA but I wanted to following my calling to continue to advance research into Quantum/Informational medicine….and other alternatives. As a Doctor of Chiropractic …I have found this to be a perfect fit …looking at some of the Pioneers in this field like ( Dr. Ruth Down DC …ground breakingadvancements in Radionics) (Dr. William Bahan DC …who was a leader in attunement) (Dr. Richard Bartlett DC, ND…originator of “Matrix Energetics”) (Dr. Eric Pearl DC …originator of “The Reconnection”)

I currently practice Chiropractic  in Makati , Philippines and I continue my research into alternative methods in the balancing and alignment of people with cancer, Fibromyagia, chronic fatigue, Lymes , Diabetes, MS, really to many to list.(We work with people who have these ..we do not treat these conditions)   We balance the person …not the dis-ease.

In our practice…..we realize the Mind/Body/Spirit working together as one and not being separated….is the true key to Balance……and where Balance lives…..dis-ease cannot exist.

Quantum Physics, Informational medicine, Energy medicine,Biofeedback,  Homeopathy, Emotional release, NLP, EMDR, Rife Technologies, and Radionics are all incorporated into a Turn-Key System to help the person reach their goals.

Feel Free to contact us today through our website

“Let in so much Light……darkeness has no place to exist”

Dr. James Weaver CCEP, DC  (Bionetic Practitioner)

or email at



How Can a CoRe Session Help Me?


CoRe stands for “Coincidence Recognition and Evaluation”. What is this? Core is at hear a computer generated random number generator. It throws out millions of numbers that come to make a pattern.
Think of the random numbers as the screen and the patterns that are made, as the picture!The human body is made up of millions if not billions of individual cells. It is that first cell that is fertilised by the male sperm that goes onto to make a human being. These cells are all made of DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA lives in the nucleus of every cell of all living things. This long line polymer strings all these cells together to make the body. It is the connection factor which allows the body to act as a whole and not merely as a series of parts. It coordinates the self.Step out into the road as a bus is coming around the corner, the brain sees the danger and all the billions
of cells act as one as you jump out of the way to safety.DNA is the connection medium that makes this possible.

Karl Pirbram was he first person to talk about the holographic nature of the body and the universe.The Hawaiians have been telling us for aeons that we are all one. There is no out there because we are connected to everything that goes on outside of ourselves. This resonates with Pribram’s work which first appeared in the 1940s and 50s. He pointed out the interconnectedness as the cells connect to the outside world, which he claimed would all be one if we were deprived of sight and the other senses.

As DNA connects it broadcasts an electromagnetic signal. It is a photon signal, travelling of course at the speed of light. The signal creates a resonance wave pattern which can be measured in Herz. It seems we all send out an energetic pattern that functions like the bow wave of a ship. It goes in front of us and it has been measured by the Russian military. Their equipment could detect this signal 50 miles away from the test subject! It is perfectly possible the signal is infinite but humans have not as yet been able to produce equipment sensitive enough to measure the wave at greater distance.

The signal creates a resonant picture on the background screen of random numbers. In a CoRe reading nothing is significant unless it is repeated. A reading will involve on average 15 scans. Items for consideration are only considered if they keep repeating themselves. It is this symptom picture which is worked on.

What is the purpose of CoRe? Core is deigned as a “healer”. It helps identify and then possibly remove damage in the resonance field. A physically healthy organ like the liver will resonate at the correct frequency with high amplitude. However, when that liver is exposed to toxins like herbicides and pesticides or even alcohol the frequency will decrease because of dissonance. As a result the physical body becomes less robust. However, a CoRe healing does not work only on the physical level. We are all made up of “mind, body and spirit” and it is important to address all three.Healing is not simply doling out pills, with the possible exception of homeopathy which appears to work holistically. Emotions also play an important role here. The liver is the seat of the emotions. Louise Hay in her wonderful book “You Can heal Your Life”, is quick to point out possible causes of emotional dissonance that works at a physical level. In a CoRe session we consider all dissonance to be “dis-ease”. This “dis-ease” always has something to teach us. It shows we need to make life changes and CoRe helps map out what these changes should be!Core is an excellent example of of a tool for informational medicine.

A Core session generally lasts on average for 2 hours and indicates areas that need healing because they are repeated in each subsequent scan. In a session the areas are identified and then “healing processes” applied. Some of these can be completed in the session and some not.Usually homeopathic remedies are indicated. These can be purchased or made up by the inbuilt remedy maker. Emotional issues can be cleared  using swift acting techniques like EFT or EMDR and the system can broadcast radionic healings as well as the Rife and Clarke frequencies. However, change is usually required in diet nutrition and lifestyle and this as well as spiritual connection is something that client has to take responsibility for himself/herself. CoRe is not a quick fix,but it can be a life changing experience.

CoRe is an ideal starting point for those undertaking a serious detox. It identifies areas that need attention which can then be addressed during the program. It is useful for those who are experiencing “dis-ease” of any kind as it will come up with a regime for healing. It is ideal for those who are stuck in their lives, because it aids in identifying the patterns that are creating the “stuckness”. Many people are adepts of the law of attraction, particularly after the recent movie “The Secret”. Sadly this law does not work for everybody because nobody explained that you need to clear the resonant blocks that stand between you and what you want. You can visualise and recite affirmations until the cows come home, but unless the blocks are dissolved it will all be futile. In essence the Core identifies when we need to make changes and helps design what those changes should be. It is a very powerful tool which everybody could benefit from.

I am Alister Bredee, and I have been working in the health care field for over a quasrter of a century. I find CoRe a truly remarkable tool that uncovers the root causes of “dis-ease” amazingly quickly.


Managing Your Stress

In today’s fast moving world, we live under extremely stressful conditions ……….. and our bodies react in varying ways.

The allopathic medical fraternity are quick to prescribe us with tranquilizers, anti-depressants and beta-blockers, to name but a few, which tend to relieve the symptoms caused by stress.  But stress is normally caused by an informational overload in our minds and bodies.  Whether it be from work, exams, relationships or even peer pressure, we show symptoms of stress when our bodies can no longer cope with the level of that stressful information with which we are being bombarded.

And on top of all that, we are normally so busy trying to keep pace with this stressful world that we just don’t have the time to spend going backwards and forwards for the help we need.

Paul Ezra

Hi, I’m Paul Ezra, a retired businessman who nearly succumbed to the effects of stress. I know first-hand the downward spiral that leads us from one problem to the next, as our bodies try and adjust to the ever-increasing volumes of stressful information to which we are being exposed.

With the Inergetix-CoRe system and informational medicine, we will ‘communicate’ with you remotely, no matter where you are on this wonderful planet of ours, 24/7, balancing your mind and your body to handle your levels of stress.

E-mail me today for more details at and let’s start getting your mind and soul in harmony to cope with your stress.

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