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Windsor East; Randburg; South Africa information energy medicine

Reach your potential. Heal your traumas in minimum time; approximately with in 3 weekly consultations a subtle difference will be felt. Some traumas are not accessible to psychoanalysis as they could have happened before birth; for example an expecting mom could have slipped in the mud on a rainy day. At our rooms we offer Touch Healing; Intuitive Healing; Hypnosis; Counselling; Spiritual Health Coaching, full hydro body massage; reflexology; a few minutes on a passive exerciser; stationary biking; valuation, treatment and balancing with the Informational Medicine modality using the Inergetix-Core system, with out touching you. We believe every individual carries the same breath of God, regardles of whether S/He is called Jehovah; Allah; the Absolute; the Divine; Nkulunkulu; Thixo; Krishna etc. etc. Our spiritual approach has nothing to do with your beliefs or lack of. We have no intention to convert anyone. We therefore just try to heal the spiritual part of the being, not the disease, as a result the body gets strenthenged and heals itself. It really is a sort of old and ancient wisdom meeting new technology. When you visit an Acupuncturist you are not expected to believe in the religion of the practitioner, though it is generally recognised as a Chinese ancient way of healing. We are based in South Africa, Randburg, Windsor East. We do travel to the Eastern Cape and kwa Venda whilst there are presently no Inergetix-Core practitioners in the areas. Book early for a consultation via our email and to request a free demonstration too.

Energy Medicine and Personal Rejuvenation Specialist

Healing is a personal journey as there are many layers that have contributed to an experienced symptom(s). As an Inergetix CoRe Energy Medicine Practitioner and Founder of  Conscious Light Energy Connection I have many years of experience assisting each person that has trusted me to their care to find the keys to their personal rejuvenation. I hope that you will allow me to assist you as well.

My family and I are California residents. We have been receiving healings from Gabrielle for over a year. Our ‘visits’ are via telephone. Most recently, I have had a very gratifying healing for my son through Gabrielle. My 2 year old son started having digestive issues over the summer (at 18 mos) after an incident of eating animal feces from our back yard. The repercussions were near immediate and sustaining. We made several trips to the doctor regarding his loose ‘hot’ stool and the continuous diaper rashes. The diaper rashes were so incessant that all of his baths became Epson salt baths in an effort to sooth his rear end.  We did several stool samples and took many different courses of action at the recommendation of the doctor. Unfortunately nothing had a lasting resolution. At our son’s 2 year wellness check up the doctor expressed concern regarding his growth curve reaching a plateau too early and scheduled a series of follow up appointments to monitor his growth progress. I spoke w/ Gabrielle about the doctors concerns and she suggested a series of ‘CORE’ informational balancing. The informational balancing started on 12.14.10.  Between 12.15.10 and 12.30.10 my son had grown a 1/2 inch. During that time his stool became an appropriate consistency and the diaper rashes stopped. During his most recent chiropractic appointment his chiropractor stated she felt my son was at the brink of a growth spurt because my son was expressing sensation in his growth plates! These are the exact results I needed for my son and for myself as a concerned mother. Gabrielle’s work is such a blessing. I am very pleased with all her work and will continue to ‘visit’ her for all my family’s needs. Thank you Gabrielle!!!

E. Massengale, Stockton, CA

My healing services are available worldwide and sessions are performed by phone or skype.

Contact: Gabrielle Spencer, BioInformation Technologies, email: gabriellespencer77@gmail or 727-330-3026

A listing of some areas informational balancing and mind-body-spirit healing have assisted:

  • You do not have to know what you need, just the desire to be open and receive
  • Stress Release
  • Release and Reprogramming of beliefs, habits, and patterns
  • Release of negative energy
  • Reconnection with Inner Spiritual Self
  • Rediscovery of Self
  • Raising Level of Consciousness
  • Release of depression, anxiety, insomnia, anger, unhappiness, fear, etc.
  • Emotional body healing
  • Healing self-esteem issues
  • Informational Balancing for skeletal, muscle, digestion, glandular, genitourinary, dental, nervous system, and circulatory system
  • Many more, contact us to discuss your needs
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