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Managing Your Stress

In today’s fast moving world, we live under extremely stressful conditions ……….. and our bodies react in varying ways.

The allopathic medical fraternity are quick to prescribe us with tranquilizers, anti-depressants and beta-blockers, to name but a few, which tend to relieve the symptoms caused by stress.  But stress is normally caused by an informational overload in our minds and bodies.  Whether it be from work, exams, relationships or even peer pressure, we show symptoms of stress when our bodies can no longer cope with the level of that stressful information with which we are being bombarded.

And on top of all that, we are normally so busy trying to keep pace with this stressful world that we just don’t have the time to spend going backwards and forwards for the help we need.

Paul Ezra

Hi, I’m Paul Ezra, a retired businessman who nearly succumbed to the effects of stress. I know first-hand the downward spiral that leads us from one problem to the next, as our bodies try and adjust to the ever-increasing volumes of stressful information to which we are being exposed.

With the Inergetix-CoRe system and informational medicine, we will ‘communicate’ with you remotely, no matter where you are on this wonderful planet of ours, 24/7, balancing your mind and your body to handle your levels of stress.

E-mail me today for more details at and let’s start getting your mind and soul in harmony to cope with your stress.

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