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Reason for Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Manic depression, Mood swings and their cure

Here is what I know is the reason for Bi-Polar Disorder and its Cure (I consider Schizophrenia/ Labile/ Manic/ dissociative identity disorder/ split personality/ mood swings all the same phenomenon just of different intensity and extension)

  1. Most of you know that my first realization after my accident – was the understanding that any stagnation will eventually make you sick, be it physical, mental or spiritual or cause dramatic events in our life as the one I had gone through.  The ideal state of health is the Dynamic Labile Equilibrium DLE between the polarities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  2. Then about 2 years ago, while I wondered why not everyone would live a life of DLE, was the revelation that to the degree one is missing a Sense-of-Self, one is insecure and needs to give an artificial sense of permanence, through creating and maintaining  fixed reference points/ideas/opinions/believes/lifestyle habits in one’s personal life. The Bioresoance-LaesEr was the practical result of this understanding, which successfully re-creates day after day this missing Sense-of-Self for hundreds of patients.
  3. When studying the different aspects of Bi-Polar disorders, it became clear that many or all of them started after the person had gone through a phase in their lives, where many or all of these fixed reference points had become questionable or broken down completely – a video that describes this in a beautiful way see here :

If one understands the sum-total of these reference points to be the EGO one can follow that the EGO is the habit inertia which inhibits  a state of DLE.

However when the EGO collapses, which happens for more and more people in our days, as it gets harder and harder to uphold fixed life-style pattern and believes, the human psyche goes into free fall or better into a state of chaotic swings

This chaotic swing liberates an enormous amount of Energy, which expresses in extreme phases of activity, creativity, mental, emotional, sexual exhilaration.  When we understand that it is our EGO, our fixed informational reference points that under ordinary conditions, keeps energy limited to manageable quantities we know that to the degree we decrease the EGO will have more energy at our disposal.

We can let go of the EGO only to the degree that we have something else to hold-on to which is a Sense-of-Self that is not based on ideas but on a connection to basic organic sensations, this is what the provides and which makes it so successful.

When this Sense-of-Self grows one will naturally and easily let go more and more habits, opinions, dogmas, ideas of good and bad, morality, cultural programs, …and all the NEW AGE quantum believe is just such a limiting believe/religion) that before gave one an artificial Sense-of-Self. AND more importantly the gates are opening to experience this infinite amount of energy that is around us and that we otherwise only experience when we are in love, on drugs, or during the positive swing of a bi-polar episode. What then keeps us sane, that means able to respond to our environment and to integrate this abundance of experiences with the rest of our lives is the center of gravity that is provided by our sensual-sense-of-self.

So for those who do not have the money to buy a Bioresonance-LaesEr you can get similar results, that means an increased “sensual-sense-of-self”, by doing massage, hot and cold showers, working with animals, hugging a tree, farm-work, breathing and certain meditation techniques if under knowledgeable guidance  – all things that are most remote from the current treatment approaches and non-sensual healing facilities.

Bi-Polar and related issues should not dealt with by forced neutralization of the swings with drugs or other methods but by electric synchronization with the individuals inner clock swings (the central pattern generator) :

and how I see that the increase of these DLE states is related or even a result of our “DO IT YOURSELF” cultural ideas please see here :


The work I am doing is to make this RESET less painful than the one I went through – but I know in the end it is the best that could happen and it is the reason why we exist :




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