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Reason, trigger, catalyst, field in medicine






Most of modern medicine as well as alternative medicine today is attempting to treat the reasons for disease but NOT that what triggers it.

A trigger is the spark that makes a whole reservoir of gunpowder explode, even an atomic bomb needs a trigger which is simply the spark in closing an electric circuit.

Most of biochemical research is about the study of triggers and not the actual “explosions” the continuously occurring large transformations of energy in the body. Biochemical triggers are hormones, enzymes, trace-elements, vitamins. What they have all in common is that their quantity is minute in comparison to the quantity of food we take in.

And this is the common feature of all triggers – their quantity is small but their effect is huge –BUT ONLY- if there is a large quantity of “potential”energy ready to ignite.

Triggers are different then catalyst, catalyzing agents facilitate, support, enhance the energetic processes that means change (which I consider the essence of the concept of “energy”). Catalysts just like triggers are minute in quantity but huge in effect.

If we look at the development of many diseases : “There was a non-eventful normal state and then something very small, either a virus, some wheat or milk, some small but sudden change of temperature, a bad dream, a tiny accident, a simple word from another person and we have a huge explosion in form of fever, disability for a long time”.

Modern medicine comes with big weapons like anti-biotics to eradicate what it considers the cause of disease –for example viruses.

And alternative medicine is usually not much different in that they remove triggers like wheat and lactose – that they also consider the cause of disease. Psychological therapy is done to heal what is considered the cause of the disease the traumatic event or the negative act of a parent.

In physics we more easily see the cause of the explosion, the gun powder, the gasoline in the motor, the tectonic tension that leads to an earth quake, the electrostatic difference that is the cause for lightening, the radio-active potential in atomic bombs, the pressure that makes the cork of the Champaign bottle pop. These and many more have in common that they are not energy but “potential energy”.

Even having a PhD in Physics I was never told what was the essence of “potential energy” – just that all those forms have the potential to create motion or more generally “change”. How strange that never anyone tried to understand the general nature of such a key concept. As usual –if we do not comprehend- something we create a word that we say “is the cause” – so for “potential energy” we are told the cause is a “FIELD” – then nobody asks further and wants to know “What is a field” – and the question is solved.

Here it is – and please understand that this realization just like DLE seems too simple – but all fundamental and essential ideas are so simple that they are passed-by unnoticed.

All potential energy have in common that they are created by some particular distribution or configuration of matter.

For example an un-even distribution of matter creates potential gravitational energy, which makes matter move where there is already more matter. An un-even distribution of electric charges is called an electrostatic potential energy which has the potential to do many things but in the first place to make differently charged matter move in  the direction of each other.

Likewise for electrodynamic, thermodynamic, chemical, magnetic potential energy that is simply created by a certain configuration of particular matter.

As a side note : All potential energies in the first place facilitate a movement of its particular matter in a way that reduces the potential energy which is turned into mostly energy of motion (heat) which gave rise to the funny idea that our universe is dying a heat death. What all these quasi scientists overlooked was the key “potential energy” of gravitation which actually works the other way – it moves matter to the center of gravity of the matter distribution and that way increases the potential energy of the whole.

If we understand that all potential energy, without exception is based on, or has as its essential feature that it is a particular configuration of matter in space – for the first time we “begreifen” (a word that Goethe created for the concept of “understanding” and which means as much as “being able to have a grip on something”) what potential energy is based on.

With this way of understanding we can go further and generalize the idea of “potential energy” even further. If it is a particular distribution of matter, be it simple matter, charged matter, or magnetic matter we can see that the idea of Feng Shui or Bio-geometry is just a natural extension – which also attributes powers, we can now call it potential energy, to a particular way of distributing matter in space – no different then  potential energy recognized by contemporary physics, with the only difference that most of this kind of “potential energy” has mainly the potential to create change (energy) in the life of living entities like plants, animals and humans.

Having gone so far we can go now one step further and come back to what I already defined years ago  “Information is potential energy” and the other way round. This simple conclusion has the most far reaching implications for the new science of Informational medicine and Informational science in general as it makes the missing link between this new science and the established science of “energy physics”.

Now we can also come back to where we started in the attempt to define the difference between a trigger and the cause of illness. As was said above “A trigger is a substance or mechanism that ignites some potential energy”. The ignition mechanism varies for the different triggers and is part of much research but what I want to focus on here is what has been overlooked until now – the nature of the “potential energy” that is the actual cause for disease.

If “potential energy” is a particular configuration of matter in our environment we understand why Feng-Shui and biogeometry since centuries have been known to have the power to heal – as it is the science of configuring matter in a way that it has a potential effect on the life of people that live between it – although the particular knowledge how to do this has been lost.

And in this NEW YEAR tour to new shores I want to even go one step further. Radionic teaches practically that it is not even the actual distribution of matter that is the cause for energetic effects in our world but the distribution of pattern that symbolizes this matter – and here closes the circle in the understanding what and how CoRe can have these amazing effect on the lives of people even if only the informational part is used :

Potential energy is a particular configuration of matter & matter for this purpose can be replaced by a particular symbol and the arrangement of these symbols in relation to the client creates the potential energy that just needs to be ignited to create the healing energy – CoRe is the tool to do both.

This does not only explain what CoRe is doing but also how it relates to the way contemporary physics creates energy from potential energy, and how this relates to information, triggers and catalysts and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will perceive how this is the basis of informational medicine of the future and how this explains what until now was considered magic.

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