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Robin Craig Clark – Non Duality is Heart Consciousness

Robin Clark Energy Medicine

“Non Duality Author”
Robin Craig Clark D.H.M (Author & Homeopath)


NON DUALITY BOOKSBooks by Robin Craig Clark
CoRe Inergetix Practitioner

Living by the law of love that is written in the heart

Non Duality. Infinite Love. Infinite Consciousness. Infinite Possibility.

WINNER of the Digital Narrative Award 2010 Premier’s Book Awards

Robin Craig Clark is the author of four non duality books. The Garden recently received an award in the WA Premier’s Book Awards for Digital Narrative—the first of its kind in Australia. Free download of the eBook is available here: THE GARDEN eBook

Inspired by Nature, sacred symbolism and prophetic wisdom, Robin’s books are a harmonious blend of words and art that create a rich sensory experience. There is a connecting thread between one book and the next—a constant theme bridging the heart and mind for a new awareness and perspective on reality.

Robin and his wife Julie are both the creative forces behind Peliguin Publishing and Helena Valley Natural Health: a self-care system of natural therapies, including Core Inergetix, that builds and restores health and wellness by working with the natural recuperative powers of the human body.


Robin infuses a harmonious blend of words and art to create a rich-sensory reading experience. Journey beyond the individual sense of separateness to glimpse the ever present oneness of life. A thread runs between one book and the next—a constant theme of non duality—bridging heart and mind consciousness. Robin’s books are known for their effect on opening the heart to a state of altruistic perception, experienced when “thinking” through the heart. “My books are written within the timeless, boundless space of non duality and heart consciousness. Non duality and heart consciousness are synonymous. The heart is the bridge that transcends the limitations and constraints of mind. Awakening is purely the absolute freedom from yourself; that sense that you are a separate individual. Right here, ever present, in the midst of ordinary life, you are already that which you are seeking. Once the illusion of a separate self falls away you realise you were never for one moment separate from all that is. At the heart of this experience there is oneness beyond words.”

Amanda Clark’s artwork is inspired by the miracle of nature, the sacredness of our land, and the vast beauty of the sky. As a little girl, she was surrounded with creativity and colour, and would dwell in her own inner visions of fairytales and secret gardens. She grew from within a constant flow of creativity, imagination and painting. Those inspiring visions have remained with her to this day. A wonderful mix of folklore, myth and legend.

For Robin and Amanda, art is like a magic potion, a natural remedy to bring us back to harmony. It is a transformational tool and a way of being.



“Everything exists in a state of aliveness. A flower or a stone, you and me, the sea, the sand and the stars are all a part of that which is. What we are seeking is already here. There is nothing to learn or understand. It is simply beingness. Childlikeness. When the illusion of separateness collapses there is oneness. Oneness is no individuality taking delivery of it.
The ancient wisdom of non duality is the deep understanding of the interconnectedness of life. There is no spiritual path to oneness. Oneness is always here, ever present and alive, to be shared in openness and friendship with anyone who is willing to go beyond their thoughts and beliefs of self identity to meet with the awesome aliveness that is absolute unconditional love.”

Infinite Love is the Only Truth

“Wisdom begins with wonder” ~ Socrates


Spiritual Awakening Books at Peliguin

Worlds Beyond Words


View Robin Clark’s personal web page

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6 comments to Robin Craig Clark – Non Duality is Heart Consciousness

  • Lorna Gearon

    Dear Robin,  trusting a lovely day for you and yours this Saturday 21st August.  Thank you, your page is beautiful. Believe it or not, I was quite literally in a storm searching for a torch to help me see when the picture of a yellow rose was quite literally floating in front of my eyes.  Instead of the usual panic I experience in storms, the need to find a pen or pencil overwhelmed me of which I found and sat with the torch to write a poem.  In that poem, a realization evolved and I quite literally put our home on the market the next day with peaceful trust of the outcomes and that the very painful storm of my family’s life at the time was over.  The poem with the yellow rose is in a book of verse I have written waiting to be published, all verses of which have presented themselves without preparation from me.
    I have just embarked on a Bachelor Degree of Homoeopathy, however, am putting my priority of Energetic and Informational Healing first.  At an acutes level,  I continue to have absolute trust in homoeopathics with herbal and nutritional support as well as aromatherapies  ..  …  ..  lorna.

  • Lorna Gearon

    Dear Robin,  trusting a lovely day for you and yours.
    Thank you for your page – inspiring, beautiful and appreciable.
    Yes I can validate the arrival of a flower in a very large storm with peaceful life-changing decisions and the no-questions-asked actions that immediately followed.
    I have found my way to your site as I am researching the applications of my decision to become an Energetic and Informational Practitioner.

  • Lorna Gearon

    Dear Robin, thank you – your page is so inspiring.  Trusting a lovely day for you and yours  ..  …  ..  lorna.

  • Lorna Gearon

    Dear Robin, this is my fourth attempt to reach you – all awaiting ‘moderation’.  Am not sure what is happening here however, I am thrilled to have found your page  ..  …  ..  lorna.

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